Dusky pink seas, tight buds and full floppy heads bursting with heady aroma - the rose oasis is one of the most beautiful sights in the world and the scent needs little introduction. But the purest rose oil (with no synthetic additives) is incredibly powerful for treating stress related conditions.

Because we are religious about including the highest content of essential oils possible in all our products, our rose blends work hard to increase vitality, act as natural anti-depressants, and promote a state of relaxed well-being.

The roses we choose are so precious they require a very specific soil and climate to grow. We pick the buds from a vast Moroccan oasis which is 35km long, you can only imagine the rich, floral, petally aroma.

Our two rose blends are very different. We couple Complete Bliss with a little black pepper and lime for a modern twist and Sumptuous with Neroli (orange blossom) for a decadent, heady aroma.