If you’ve desired a good night’s sleep for a long time (whether you have an early morning start for that board meeting or are awaken by the little one at 5am) you’re probably wishing you had a magic potion to get you to sleep!


Well, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. NEOM Tranquillity Bath Oil (which won BEST BATH OIL in the 2010 Essentials Magazine Beauty Awards) uses the highest legal amount of essential oils (Lavender, Jasmine & Sweet Basil) within a fabulously indulgent organic base so it not only smells divine but it’s so potent that it REALLY works to deeply relax your mind & body, after just ten minutes of soaking in one to two capfuls.



Jemma Kidd, mother of little twins and make-up artist to the stars who uses NEOM’s Bath Oil says "I adore NEOM; such wonderful products. My new favourite is this bath oil, so relaxing it’s perfect to use just before bed for a great night’s sleep"


Sarah Beeney, businesswoman, presenter and mother of four has the NEOM bath oil on her bathroom shelf and says "I am a huge fan of baths and this NEOM Bath Oil is perfect for relieving my tired muscles at the end of a busy day".


Claudia Schiffer, super model and mum of three says "I’ve really enjoyed using the NEOM Bath Oil", Emma Crosby evening news presenter who works late into the night says "this NEOM Bath Oil takes pride of place around my bath. I don't think I ever smelt a bath product quite so beautiful before!" and model Olivia Inge says "I can’t live without the NEOM bath oils", whilst Victoria Pendleton world champion cyclist uses it in the lead up to the Olympics to soothe those muscles.


So, as Glamour Magazine says “turn your bathroom into a warming wonderland” by adding a drop or two into your bath this evening and get ready to have the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have!