From the Field to the Product from the Field to still to the finished product


Back in 2005 the idea was simple – to create the ‘Perfect Night Sleep’, by blending a balance of the most calming oils that work hard to relax whilst evoking a heavenly fragrance.

English lavender and French lavender – there is a huge difference. We select different plants, working tirelessly with the best farms, selecting their finest crops year in and out to create very different fragrances.

Lavandin from England is a hybrid plant, developed by crossing the true lavender plant with the ‘aspic’ or spike lavender, and creating the Lavandula Hybrida. This oil is chosen for its fresh, refreshing notes; we think it actually smells a little like the British fresh air has been blowing through the plants as they grow on the moors. The fragrance is greener than the French oils, herbaceous with a strong camphorous top note. We think it works better paired with notes like basil and in our stronger, more deeply relaxing scents like Tranquillity and Relax.

Lavender oil from the freshly cut flowers grown in the mountains of France smells quite different. We select plants from a very high altitude, because it is a key factor in producing a purer oil which we then steam distill. The scent is slightly more powdery, more floral, a little softer overall. It works beautifully in scents like Real Luxury where the gentle treatment we are working to create is all about pampering and cocooning.