Back in 2005 the idea was simple – to create the ‘Perfect Night Sleep’, by blending a balance of the most calming oils that work hard to relax whilst evoking a heavenly fragrance.

Creating this fragrance took over two years however and huge vats of patience! we worked tirelessly twisting together many different variations of the most exquisite essential oils until we felt that the Tranquillity blend was ‘The One’…

At the heart of the fragrance of course is a steam distilled English lavender, widely known for its incredibly relaxing properties. We selected this particular crop because of its herbaceous almost balsamic undertones and it marries beautifully with an intense honey-like geranium, with a heady, floral aroma. Next, a little chamomile which adds a rich but fruity element and supports the calming treatment we are working towards. A touch of exotic jasmine, a precious oil which is known for soothing properties is lifted by top notes of fresh, crisp, green basil leaves we choose from France as we uncovered a particularly powerful, special crop there. It’s a nice note to include because it helps with anxiety and clears the mind – something we really believe helps pre bedtime. You may also notice touches of mysterious but incredibly soothing frankincense and base notes of smooth and woody patchouli and cedarwood oils that work hard on easing tension too.

"I am a sucker for a scented candle. NEOM Organics home candle in Tranquillity is the best scent I've ever smelt. At the weekend or if I'm having a bath, I always light one. It just fills the air with the most gorgeous smell"

Victoria Pendleton