Vicki Edgson is passionate about making sense of healthy living. She co-founded the health brand The Food Doctor, runs her own prestige nutritional therapy clinic in London as well as the award-winning Vital Energy retreat in Ibiza – what a place to retreat, we say!

Vicki is big fan of NEOM so we recently caught up with her to get some easy and quick tips on what’s good to eat this time of year to help boost your mood.

We’re into May. This is one the best times of the year for feeling full of Vital Energy! Cherry Blossom abounds, the street markets are full of seasonal fruits and vegetables, and everything smells so fresh. Why not pick plums and apricots to nibble raw, or try poaching in apple juice. Choosing cinnamon and star anise is brilliant at boosting immunity against hayfever. I recommend asparagus (fat and juicy) or chard and purple sprouting broccoli to add raw to your favourite salad, or simply roasted in olive oil along with a dash of fresh basil and rosemary, to tickle your tastebuds, and raise your energy.

As a nutritionist I often find women are frequently low in magnesium. This is due to stress, anxiety and monthly cycles, so I always encourage them to increase their daily intake of dark green vegetables. The prime candidates for this include broccoli, chard, savoy cabbage and watercress. Rocket and parsley is also good in salads and a great source of iron too! Brown and red rice also provide abundant magnesium, and make a good base for delicious risottos.

Like essential oils I believe food is also good at helping your mood. Cutting down on carbohydrates is most definitely NOT good for a mood, as these are the foods that boost serotonin - the happy feel-good hormone that we all need more of! Choose buckwheat noodles for salad and stir-fried vegetable dishes, polenta for slimmer pizza bases, and rye breads for open sandwiches - the Swedes and Norwegians live on these grains, and they are all healthy, slender, beautiful and HAPPY!

I believe that we need all our senses to be titillated in order to feel alive, well and thriving. I always have the NEOM Refresh (Lemon & Basil) travel candles in the guest rooms on my Vital Energy Retreats in Ibiza, to stimulate mind and body. Their beautiful, fresh organic scent is so pure, it emulates the very principles I share during the retreat - to surround ourselves only with those elements that are taken from nature - fresh, seasonal food, clean air and pure water. Join me there - you won't regret it!