I started cycling at a very early age but my first cycling memories are of riding on the back of a tandem bicycle with my dad as a six year old. I needed wooden blocks attached to the pedals so that I could reach them, it felt very adventurous and grown up. I used to go cycling with my dad a lot and he would talk about the wildlife, naming birds, trees and flowers, at the time I wouldn't have thought I would remember any of it but I still do I have always been interested in nature and natural history, which not many people know about me!


When NEOM asked me to write about what makes me feel amazing every day, I would say cycling through the countryside (which is almost every day) is amazing. I love being outdoors, it’s what I grew up on and fortunately it’s part of my job! Don't get me wrong though, it is much more pleasant in the summer months! I prefer the more remote country lanes so you can cycle undisturbed, if the surroundings are nice it makes the fact that my legs are aching from training easier to manage. I am lucky where I live as there are so many country lanes and villages to choose from which keeps training varied as I train 6 days a week I also have three physiotherapy appointments, my schedule is crazy, which leaves my body pretty tired out.



When I have the chance, I love a long soak in the tub with some NEOM bath oil, it is absolutely gorgeous. Jumping in and out the shower after training sessions tends to leave my skin a bit dry and dull, so a bath oil feels so nourishing and leaves my skin luminous and revitalised.


I have the NEOM Tranquility candle in my bedroom too, I was given one as a gift a while ago, which is how I learned of NEOM Organics. I was reluctant to burn it at first as it is literally the most divine scent ever! I am a smell-aholic. I am really attracted to essential oils and perfumes, I have a scented rose in the garden as well as Lavender, Honeysuckle, Rosemary, Thyme, Mint and Basil.


My fiancé Scott thinks my sense of smell is hypersensitive and can't understand my excitement of a wonderful smelling product, which I instinctively and immediately shove into his face, as to share it with him (Sorry Scott, I can't help it). I would like to add he did mention totally unprompted that the candle in our room smells nice.


I am looking forward to the London Olympics as it is the biggest event I will have ever been part of, I feel there are high expectations of the cycling team after the success is Beijing, we only have ourselves to blame! Which can only be helped by one thing...... more relaxing baths?