We’ve been discussing what love means to us at Neom HQ – here’s what our Co-founder Nicola, and some of our friends, thought. We’d love to hear yours too – please feel free to comment below!


Love is being with your nearest and dearest on a Sunday and going for a long walk followed by yummy food.

- Portia Freeman, British model


It’s all about making the little things a bit more special. Impromptu champagne. Last minute stay in a boutique hotel. Making a lovely tea for no reason. Candles everywhere, every night!

- Nicola Elliott, Neom Co-founder


Love is hearing my twins play together when they don’t know I’m listening. Naughty Mummy!

- Cherry Menlove, blogger and owner of online homeware store www.cherrymenlove.com


The most important love is the love that you have for yourself, as soon as you truly love yourself you’ll have even more love to give to everyone else!

- Ella Woodward, Healthy eating blogger at www.deliciouslyella.com


LOVE is... emboldening, strengthening, renewing... and what makes us feel most human.

- Eminé Ali Rushton, Beauty & Wellbeing Director, Psychologies