To make this beautiful wreath you will need the following:

A 35cm (14 inch) wire wreath ring.
1 box of Sphagnum moss
2 bunches of Baby blue and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
Approx. 15 Pine cones
Long strong wires for attaching Pine cones
A reel of mossing wire
Strong scissors

1. Attach the end of the reel wire to the outside edge of the ring. Make compact clumps of the moss and bind on firmly with the reel wire.

2. Continue this process until the whole ring is covered.

3. To make a hook to hang it, bend a strong piece of wire in half and push it through the top of the wreath so that both ends comes through evenly. Twist wire together to make a loop.

4. Cut the Eucalyptus into lengths of approx. 15 cm. Take groupings of the Eucalyptus and place them on top of the moss binding them on with the mossing wire. Make sure all the foliage is placed in the same direction and positioned close together so there are no gaps and it looks compact.

5. To attach the Pine cones, wire the base of them with a strong wire leaving two ends which you can push through the ring and secure on the back of the wreath.

6. Add the Pine Cones in groups dotted around the wreath.