Christmas is a busy time for me.

I DJ for big fashion brands and have the Mulberry Christmas party coming up which I’m really excited about. Music and fashion are my real passions. I’ve just signed to Models One and have been in Las Vegas hosting a show for an American network about the I Heart Music Festival. It’s a big music festival in Vegas with a line-up including Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas, so it’s fantastic to be involved with that. I am now hosting the Style Studio at the Clothes Show Live. So, yes, it’s pretty full-on!

Travelling is part of the job, and I love it, but living in hotels so much of the time, I definitely miss my home comforts. I never know what the places will be like so there are things I always have to have with me... good cleanser, moisturiser and NEOM travel candles. No matter where I am they make me feel at home.

What else makes me feel amazing? Watching TV (I’m obsessed with the US X Factor at the moment), Vinyasa Yoga and eating! I love Mediterranean foods like falafel in pitta bread. Delicious. I’m a big fan of Pizza East in Shoreditch, too. Going there for dinner with a bunch of friends is my ideal night out. People often assume I’m some party-girl but I’m so not! We joke that my party trick is actually being the first person to leave!”