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English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine

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English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine


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100ml / 3.4 fl. Oz. / 6 Reed Sticks / 6-8 weeks


For the perfect nights sleep we recommend our Tranquillity™ blend. A deeply sedative blend which helps to induce a deep night's sleep.

Therapeutic Benefits

This therapeutic scent of 19 pure essential oils has been expertly blended to help give you the perfect night's sleep. We spent two years expertly twisting together hundreds of oils to find a blend that would help induce the perfect night’s sleep. Lavender has been proven in countless studies to calm and relax the mind and body when inhaled. In our trials the vast majority of people had a better night’s sleep after using this scent. Visit neomorganics.com/sleeptrials for the latest results.

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The Fragrance

The purple splendour of a neatly lined lavender field on a glorious English summer’s day. The green, sweet scent of English lavender, typically a little cleaner smelling than the more floral French lavender, coupled with sweet basil and pretty jasmine is a heavenly relaxing blend.

What makes our products so special?

Our reed diffusers contain the highest possible percentage of the purest possible essential oils, which not only smell wonderful but also have true therapeutic benefits for the mind and body, helping to transform the way you feel. Made from an incredible 20-25 mls of essential oils, our reed diffusers work to change your mood as they fill the air with natural goodness. You simply choose the treatment you need. All our products are 100% natural, ethically sourced, finely crafted in Britain from sustainable origins with absolutely no artificial ingredients. Whether it's to relieve stress, calm and relax, aid sleep, boost your energy or lift your mood, we make 'Scent to make you feel good.'


Remove the bottle stopper, affix the wooden cap on and insert the reed sticks. Allow 48 hours for fragrance to diffuse.

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Customer Reviews

A Perfect Night's Sleep

(Review by Caroline)


This relaxing scent permeates my bedroom softly and really helps me nod off.

Tranquillity Reed Diffuser

(Review by sharon)


The best decision you've made to bring out this glorious scent in a reed diffuser!

Well done Neom!

Perfect bedroom diffuser!

(Review by Steph)


I have always loved anything in the Tranquillity scent and was excited to see this as part of the new products. It is gorgeous, and has filled my bedroom with the most relaxing scent. Thank you Neom!

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