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English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine

  • Tranquillity Room Spray
  • Certified Organic Ingredients 95%
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  • Tranquillity Room Spray
  • Certified Organic Ingredients 95%

Scent To Sleep Range Tranquillity
Room Spray & Pillow Mist

English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine



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100ml / 3.4 fl. Oz.

Therapeutic Benefits

We spent two years expertly twisting together hundreds of oils to find a blend that would help induce the perfect night’s sleep. Lavender has been proven in countless studies to calm and relax the mind and body when inhaled. In our trials the vast majority of people had a better night’s sleep after using this scent. Visit neomorganics.com/sleeptrials for the latest results.

The Fragrance

The purple splendour of a neatly lined lavender field on a glorious English summer’s day. The green, sweet scent of English lavender, typically a little cleaner smelling than the more floral French lavender, coupled with sweet basil and pretty jasmine is a heavenly relaxing blend.

The Room Spray

Our room sprays are made with the finest 100% natural ingredients and the purest possible essential oils, which not only smell wonderful but also have true therapeutic benefits to transform the way you feel.


Spray liberally in the air. If using to scent linens, hold nozzle at least 20cm away.

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Customer Reviews

Pure Tranquility

(Review by Katy )


Lovely product, but I agree with the feedback of another reviewer. The scent of this is really lovely, but it relatively subtle and when in this spray it seems to not last particularly long. I have started to use it with a reed diffuser in my bedroom and this combination seems to work beautifully.

Relaxing and Calming

(Review by SJ)


We use this room mist in the bedroom and spray it lightly on the bed linen. It is very calming.
However, it is not particularly
long-lasting so is better used alongside the Tranquility home candle.


(Review by diana)


I decided to have a change from Refresh. Wish that I could exchange the Tranquility. I suppose it is just a different scent but I will stick to a lemony base next time.

Fresh ! Zingy ! Relaxing !

(Review by nicola)


Every one loves this Spa like aroma....


(Review by Rachel)


Bit disappointed with this room spray. The scent it lovely but its just not particularly strong and it fades very quickly.

Very calming

(Review by kelly)


Use this spray every night, the smell is calming and soothing. The bottle seems to be lasting a long time too, so good value. Love it!

Precious Pillow Mist

(Review by Laura)


This is the most exquisite natural aroma to mist on/around your bedding prior to sleep as it has a deeply relaxing effect. I reserve this only for the bedroom and it reminds me to switch off ready for sleep. I even have one to travel with so I can take a little bit of home with me wherever I am. Highly recommended.

Soft and relaxing, beautiful !

(Review by Laureen)


Having ordered this as a sample, I am wanting to order this one as a candle and a full size room fragrance. This is beautiful all year round, very gentle and relaxing, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day in living room or bedroom. Gorgeous !


(Review by Maria)


I just received this (super fast delivery btw!) and after opening the box and spraying the room to try it out, I had to log on and write a review; this stuff smells amazing! The scent is so relaxing, it makes me want to crawl back under my duvet even though its 10.30am! I cant wait for night time! I work 14hr days and I can see how this is going to help me unwind and have a blissful nights sleep - buy it!

A room spray like no other

(Review by Zoe)


As a general rule, I dislike room sprays. They are synthetic and full of goodness knows what.
However, this one is amazing.
I have lost count of the visitors that have passed comment on the lovely aroma, after I have spritzed this spray, and sometimes it has been hours before. It has a clean, crisp, spa type smell. It scent is both fresh and relaxing. The best bit is you really dont need to use a lot. My 2 children have re- named it magic spray. They request it at bedtime to help then fell relaxed and sleepy. Now that is magic indeed.

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