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Eat for calm

Natural dream food. Top up your body’s sleep hormones... >>>

How to Switch Off a Busy Brain Before Bed

Nighttime is meant to equal wind down time but often it’s the opposite. As your tiresome body hits the duvet after a long day, a cacophony of thoughts can still be whirring around in your head... >>>

The Neom Big Sleep is here Yay!

Sleep, it’s pretty important right? Um, hell yeah. But we’re getting less of it than ever. Which is why this month we’re running the #NeomBigSleep It’s a month long challenge (we say challenge but it’s actually the opposite) to get more shut-eye, leading up to our #NeomBigSleep night on September 28th. Join us in a bid to get better zeds… >>>

Progress NOT Perfection

Talking about wellbeing and what it means to others is sooo important when discovering your own needs. So, this week we’re talking to Journalist of 22 years, current Health Director of Red Magazine, mother, nutritious food obsessive and lover of sleep, Bridget Moss, about everything wellbeing. >>>

Neom Does More Than What it Says on The Tin

Last week, Nicola recorded a video explaining that the Neom candles fill an average size room with the ‘right’ amount of scent for the treatment to take effect after 20 mins. The treatment worked best at the 2-4 hour mark... >>>

Tune in. Tips & Tricks for Dispelling Stress

Suzy Reading, Neom’s Psychologist (mum, yoga teacher and health coach) talks the “S” word. How some is good for you and how (if we “top up our cup”) we can be better equipped to face the bad >>>

The S Word. Where do I start?

Wow where do I start? I wasn’t born calm. I’m a full on ball of energy, super busy, candle burning at both ends kind of girl. It’s got me into big trouble! >>>

Can you Create Happiness?

Happiness is a funny thing. Not least because it means different things to different to each person. Oh and of course it’s a journey not a destination, which is sometimes hard to get your head around. >>>