The Very Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Mum

Posted by Samantha Nice, Feb 13, 2023

The Very Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Mum

Looking to send them a gift that really shows some thought this Mother’s Day? Each and every one of Mother's Day gifts will do exactly that by helping to give their wellbeing a welcome boost. Not only this, but they smell divine and are also a joy to use. Here are seven feel-good favourites...

For The One Who Is Always On The Go

Rushing around to make the school run? Daily commutes to the office? Back-to-back meetings? If they’re constantly here there and everywhere, our Wellbeing Pod Mini will be a hit since it brings little moments of wellbeing wherever you need it. Since it’s both waterless and wireless, all they need to do is charge it up and they’re good to go. This little bundle welcomes our bestselling Real Luxury blend to help them feel a little more cool, calm and collected.

For Really Showing Your Appreciation

Candles always make for fail-safe gifts but especially these NEW limited-edition ones which quite literally say ‘you’re amazing’, ‘you’re the best’ or ‘you rock’. Welcoming a relaxing blend of ylang ylang, frankincense and patchouli, this is sure to light up their day and help them to feel a little more zen.

For Those In Need Of A Pick Me Up

If you really want to brighten their day and boost their mood, this will do the trick. Our Wellbeing Pod Luxe really is the gift of all gifts as it not only scents their home will our 100% natural essential oils but this particular blend of orange blossom and neroli will help them to feel more uplifted in minutes.

For The One Needing A Little Time Out

Whether they’re a bath lover or not, they soon will be after this thoughtful gift. Meet our super bubbly, super relaxing and super luxurious Real Luxury Bath Foam. Packed full of de-stressing (and 100% natural) essential oils as well as plenty of skin-loving goodness, this is the ultimate treat for those craving that ‘ahhh’ moment after a busy or stressful day.

For The Super Stressed

Talking of stress, if you know they’re particularly feeling it right now, why not send a little something which will help create a moment of calm amongst the chaos. Our top pick? The Complete Bliss Reed Diffuser which releases a constant stream of soothing scent into their home to help it make it a relaxing (and divine-smelling) space. Don’t be surprised when they’ll be asking for a refill…

For The One Craving A Good Night’s Sleep

Imagine if you could give them the gift of a better night’s sleep... Whilst we appreciate this isn’t entirely possible, this Pillow Mist is the next best thing. Expertly blended with relaxing essential oils such as lavender and chamomile, this mighty mist will help them to unwind and drift off with ease. Just a few spritz’ on their pillow is enough to help them feel more refreshed the next day and who wouldn’t want to receive that?

For Bringing All The Smiles

Our Scent To Make You Happy range was, as the name suggests, made to spark those feel-good vibes which makes it a firm favourite for gifting. With a joyful blend of neroli, mimosa and lemon (which all have an uplifting effect on both your mind and body), there’s no going wrong with a Happiness Scented Candle or perhaps even the Happiness Essential Oil Blend if they’ve got one of our iconic Wellbeing Pods.