20 Small Steps You Can Take To Boost Your Wellbeing

Posted by PR Neom, Oct 09, 2020

20 Small Steps You Can Take To Boost Your Wellbeing

There's no denying times have been tough lately. From increased anxiety and higher stress levels to generally feeling overwhelmed and trouble sleeping at night - we're all feeling it. Thankfully our charity partner, the Mental Health Foundation have shared some of their best advice for small things we can each do every day to help...

Write It Out

Sometimes we don’t want to talk about our worries – but writing them down can be just as effective in helping us deal with them. This one's particularly effective before bed. 

Drink Enough Water

It may sound simple but remembering to drink enough water can work wonders for how you're feeling. Even mild dehydration can cause sleepiness and a dip in energy or productivity levels. 

Keep Moving 

Next time you're feeling overwhelmed, take to your feet and shake it off. You'll be surprised at how liberating it can feel - especially if you're stuck at your desk.  


Get Reading

Swap your usual time spent scrolling through social media for time reading a book instead. Doing this before bed will also ensure you're away from blue light and will drift off better too. 

Spare 20 Minutes 

You don't need to be spending hours in the gym to get that endorphin rush. In fact, just 20 minutes is enough to have a positive impact on how you feel. Whether that's a brisk walk, a quick HIIT sessions or even a wind-down yoga sequence - we can all spare 20 minutes. 

Positive Post

Know someone who's struggling? Try taking 5 minutes out of your day to do something positive for someone else. This could be a simple as picking up the phone to a friend of colleague. You'll be surprised at how much better you both feel for it. 


Power Up Your Shower

If you don't have time for a bath, try an invigorating shower instead. Our Super Power Shower Body Cleanser works wonders for kick-starting your day the right way thanks to the refreshing and uplifting scent. 

Or Even Try A Cold Shower

It may sound extreme but research has suggested that just three minutes in a cold shower can help counteract feelings of tiredness and really boost your mood. 

Mindfulness Matters 

Focusing on your breathing is another way you can help to feel calmer and more in control. Try breathing in for seven seconds and out for 11. Repeat until you feel better. 

Straighten Up

Stuck at a desk all day? Try and remind yourself to focus on your posture. Your back should be straight and your eyes in line with your screen. Ensure your desk set-up allows for this as back and neck pain can really affect your mood. 


Light A Candle 

With winter on its way, there's no better excuse than to light a candle. Ours are packed with pure essential oils and 100% natural fragrance which not only fill your home with great scents, they'll also boost your wellbeing too. 


Time Out

Rid any built up tension and try this mini form of child's pose. Lay your arms outstretched in front of you on your desk of table and rest your head on them. It works wonders for opening up your neck and shoulders. 


Get Some Sunshine

Vitamin D is essential to our overall wellbeing and mood so be sure to get outside when you can. Set aside some time in your day - even if the weather isn't that inviting. 


Try Magnesium 

Magnesium is one of the most effective, all-natural remedies for sleep and since most of us are deficient, it's worth paying attention too. Want to know how Team NEOM get their hit? Have a read of this


Breathing Space

Make the air in your home better (and brighten your interior) by adding in some plants. Studies have shown that indoor plants bring many benefits such as improving your mood, lowering stress levels and even reducing tiredness.


Have A Clear Workspace

A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind so organise your desk to allow for increased productivity. 


Keep A List

Talking of a cluttered mind, take time to make a list of everything that needs doing. Ticking things off and cutting it down gives a welcome sense of relief and achievement. 


Rethink Your Nightly Routine

Instilling good nightly habits means we will ultimately sleep better and feel more refreshed upon waking the next day so be mindful of your caffeine intake and prioritise calming activities like taking a bath. Don't fall into the trap of consistent late night binging your favourite series... save that for the weekends. 


Nightly Meditation 

Guided meditation before bed can really help us to switch off and give ourselves a different focus. Switch your phone to do not disturb and get comfortable. 


Night Cap

Did you know that a warm cup of milk can actual? That's because it's rich in calcium and vitamin B6 which are great for aiding restful sleep.