5 (Easy-Peasy) Ways to Make Your Home a Festive Haven

Posted by PR Neom

5 (Easy-Peasy) Ways to Make Your Home a Festive Haven

This Christmas is bound to be a little different to the last. It’s been a roller coaster of a year, and while there have been challenges around every corner - it’s in our NEOM DNA to look for the positives, and so, we are making this the season we focus on the GOOD things. We are forever grateful to have the power to make our homes a sanctuary to feel good in, and after all, it’s important to treat yourself to a calm and relaxing haven while you’re spreading the GOOD VIBES gifting your loved ones. Make your space a place you can’t wait to spend those long evenings in with some little ways to make it glow…

A warm glow

Oh, the weather outside is… cold, wet, windy. Always. And whether you’re a thermostat-watcher or you embrace the heating, lighting a candle is a sure-fire way to make your space feel extra cosy and inviting. Pop a limited edition Perfect Peace candle in your window, or in your living room for that cosy glow. The festive glass will go wonderfully with your decorations (when it’s time to put them up), and the 100% natural fragrance of myrrh, pine and fresh lime is the hit of festive scent whilst spreading it’s sparkling, bright and uplifting vibes around too!

pillow mist

Wind down

The nights are longer and there are far fewer places to go, so we prescribe indulging in the bedtime routine you’ve always known you needed, but never had time to do. It’s no secret that we think a bath is always a good idea, and what better way to fall back in love with your home than a long soak? When it’s time for bed, or at 4 pm as soon as the sun sets (no judgement here), reach for a Bath Foam that’s going to help you feel blissfully relaxed. Follow with Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist and you’ll be off to sleep in no time.

A place to exhale

What are you wishing for this Christmas? How about a chic way to fill your home with festive scent? Our Christmas Wish Essential Oil Blend is a fruity, spicy, cinnamon-y blend that will make you think festive thoughts as soon as you smell it. It’s almost as good as popping a Christmas cake in the oven. And when you use it with our Wellbeing Pod, the antibacterial properties of the cinnamon fills the air whilst the Pod actually improves your space by humidifying the air, so you get a natural wellbeing boost, too.

christmas wellbeing pod

Calm and comfort

When we think of winter nights in, we think of the sofa, a cosy throw, Netflix and… a Real Luxury candle. Yes, we are biased of course but there’s something about the Scent to De-Stress with lavender, Brazilian rosewood and jasmine which just makes the living room instantly calmer, and a real haven of calm. Which we all need during the festive season, even if it’s just making us appreciate the little joys of being tucked in at home.

Start as you mean to go on

Approaching the end of the year always means we take stock and look back, and while a lot of us won’t have been able to tick off some accomplishments we might have planned for 2020, we’re all about the small steps that we can take right now, and feel good about, especially when it comes to sustainability. While we’re on the subject of showing your home some love, switching out your bathroom soap and lotion for a sustainable option is such an easy way to treat your hands, your home and the planet.

christmas wish christmas wish pod  perfect peace candle