Bring the Outside in: Happy Home Scenting

Posted by PR Neom, Apr 26, 2021

Bring the Outside in: Happy Home Scenting

It’s officially spring, and there’s nothing like the natural mood lift of seeing bulbs popping up, and blossom appearing after a long winter. But the weather still feels a bit fresh some days so while we’re not quite ready for long days in the sun, there are certain essential oils to look out for that give you that outside in feeling, at the touch of a button in a Wellbeing Pod, or burning away in a natural scented candle while you spring clean. After all, while we love creating a cosy winter haven it’s definitely time to switch on that sunny PMA. Here’s how to choose your outside in vibes:

The vibe: Fresh and green

The wellbeing boost: Happy feels

Look for: Neroli

There’s nothing like throwing a window open and smelling fresh cut grass on the air, it really says SUNSHINE and puts us in a positive frame of mind. So we recreated that with a blend of sweet and fresh neroli, which comes from the same plant as orange blossom. The combination of honeyed and invigorating citrus scents really says sunny morning and is perfect for replacing comforting winter candles with fresh, uplifting blends, and transitioning your cosy haven into a light, open one.

Find it in:


 Happiness Pod Starter Pack Happiness Essential Oil Blend 10ml The Heart-Warming Pod Starter Pack Orange Blossom & Neroli Essential Oil Blend 10ml

The vibe: Peaceful

The wellbeing boost: calming and relaxing

Look for: Rose

Rose oil is super sought-after for a reason - not only does it smell great and instantly transport you to a lush garden, but it’s super calming too. We use wild rose in our Moment of Calm fragrance which is light and fragrant, and Moroccan blush rose in Complete Bliss which is rich, deep and blended with punchy black pepper to remind you of a warm night somewhere far flung. Both of these pair with the relaxing watery sound of your Wellbeing Pod beautifully to create a totally chilled atmosphere.

Find them in:

Wild rose: Moment of Calm

Moroccan blush rose: Complete Bliss

 Complete Bliss Pod Starter Pack Complete Bliss Essential Oil Blend 10ml Moment of Calm Pod Starter Pack Moment of Calm Essential Oil Blend 10ml

The vibe: Nordic 

The wellbeing boost: Motivating and mental clarity

Look for: Pine

We love a walk or finding nature for clearing the mind, but when hillside forests are out of reach, you can get the same boost in your home with pine, cedarwood and eucalyptus. Not only bringing clarity but cleaning the air too, a literal blast of fresh air into your home. Pine and eucalyptus can also help you breathe easier, too - banishing wintery congestion from your space.

Find it in:

Focus the Mind 

 Focus The Mind Pod Starter Pack Focus The Mind Essential Oil Blend 10ml Revive Your Dawn to Dusk Wellbeing Pod Collection Create A Deluxe Home Haven Wellbeing Pod Collection

The vibe: An exotic paradise

The wellbeing boost: de-stressing 

Look for: Ylang ylang

Some days call for escaping a little further away, and for this we look to ylang ylang. Grown in Madagascar, it’s floral, sweet and heady, and conjures up a dreamy paradise filled with heady scents and a warm breeze. It has wellbeing benefits too, relieving anxiety and promoting relaxation. Expertly blended with vetivert and tonka bean, it’s a holiday romance in a bottle, ready to sweep you off to your tropical destination of choice from your living room.

Find it in:

Ylang Ylang, Vetivert & Tonka Bean 

 Intoxicating and Exotic Pod Starter Pack Ylang Ylang, Vetivert & Tonka Bean Essential Oil Blend 10ml Sensual and Rich Pod Starter Pack Tuberose, Cedarwood & Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Blend 10ml

The vibe: A sunny grove

The wellbeing boost: A boost of energy

Look for: Lemon or grapefruit

Nothing takes you to sunny climes faster than a hit of invigorating, citrussy goodness. Our lemon oil is from Sicily, but it just as easily brings up vibes from the South of France or any other Mediterranean holiday you’ve been on (or are dreaming of). And lemon oil is known for its mood-lifting properties too, so it will help you feel just as breezy as you do on holiday.

Find it in:

Feel Refreshed

Grapefruit, Lemon & Rosemary

Feel Refreshed Pod Starter Pack Feel Refreshed Essential Oil Blend 10ml The Get Up and Go Pod Starter Pack Grapefruit, Mandarin & Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blend 10ml