Energy tips from team NEOM

Posted by PR Neom, Apr 26, 2021

Energy tips from team NEOM

It’s been a long old start to the year, and it’s felt like wading through treacle at times, right? Between working from home, waiting for the temperature to finally go above 10 degrees and clock-watching till we can meet family and friends, we are all having to dig deep (really deep) to find that motivation. But there are ways to get moving again and find your mojo naturally, and as it’s a BIG wellbeing goal for us, we’re here to help you find what works for you. Here’s how some of team NEOM beat the slump…

“When I’m in need of an energy boost, a walk around the block really helps get me back on track. A dose of outside air often feels like another chore to fit in on the to-do list or an ‘I wish I had time to do that’ suggestion, but tying it in with something else always makes me feel better. Such as a trip to the post office for a letter I need to send, having a meeting via audio only where I just need to catch up with someone verbally or just getting something personal out of it just for me like a chance to see the blossoms coming out or buying a bouquet of daffodils for my desk from the corner shop. It then doesn’t feel like a waste of time when I could be cracking on with more work, but is a double hit of positivity for my wellbeing” Lydia, Senior Product Manager

“The daily 3pm slump is always a tricky one to avoid especially after a busy morning working from home and let’s be honest, we’re all lacking energy right now! It seems to be the afternoon when I need that quick boost of energy and motivation to get me through the rest of the day. A lunchtime walk in the fresh air or a 30 minute workout has done wonders to my energy levels and mood, getting those endorphins flowing and having some much needed time away from my desk to reset. Also a Spotify Feel Good playlist is always my go to if I need an extra pick me up!”- Rose, Customer Care Exec

“As someone who struggles to string a sentence together before 3 cups of coffee, I’m constantly looking for ways to make getting up and out of bed that little bit easier (even if I have only been commuting to the living room for the past year!) For me, the best way to get motivated is a great shower. I close the door, get the water running nice and hot and pump out some really loud, motivating cheesy pop music – I pop some drops of Essential Oil into the floor of the shower - once the steam gets to it, it lifts into the air and the aroma makes me feel AMAZING and gets the day off on the right foot. My oil of choice is always Focus the Mind – the eucalyptus in there really wakes you up and gets you feeling fresh and focused. Then the fun bit… blast the water on cold! I’m not quite ready to get into an Ice Bath but you won’t be feeling tired after.” Jamesina Wood.

Find loads more tips on keeping those energy levels UP over on the NEOM Blog, and let us know your best tools and tricks @neomorganics