Feel Good With Small Steps

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Feel Good With Small Steps

At NEOM, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to nurture their wellbeing every day and that small steps do make a big difference to our wellbeing. That is why we are proud to partner with the Mental Health Foundation, whose vision is for a world with good mental health for all. The Mental Health Foundation works to prevent mental health problems - supporting communities, families and individuals to live mentally healthier lives, with a particular focus on those at greatest risk.

It’s been a difficult and strange time recently, whether it be increased anxiety, higher levels of stress, worry, feeling overwhelmed and so many other emotions that aren’t just for one day, but they’re there every day. So to help, in the small way we can, we’re championing the Mental Health Foundation’s vision - prevention - which is at the heart of everything they do

As a first step, if you've never given them a go, here are some of our tried and tested small steps to wellbeing, You don't have to do them all - pick the steps that work for you. These will help make it easier to take little moments to pause, relax, move, feel good and take care of your mental health, every day.

20 Small Steps to Wellbeing

From breathing techniques to the simplest of things like drinking more water, try out one (or more) of these small steps and take a moment of wellbeing, for you.


If you need more support and further resources follow the Mental Health Foundation on Instagram and see their website HERE.

Ways you can support our charity partner the Mental Health Foundation

The green ribbon is the international symbol for mental health awareness. All proceeds fund the life-changing work of the Mental Health Foundation, as a UK charity dedicated to mental health. Buy a green ribbon HERE.

Donate to the Mental Health Foundation by going HERE.

Tell us your small steps in the comments on our Instagram and for doing so, we will donate £1 to the Mental Health Foundation .

For more information on our charity partnership with the Mental Health Foundation see HERE