Find your ONE THING with Suzy Reading

Posted by PR Neom, May 16, 2021

Find your ONE THING with Suzy Reading

This week as things open up in the UK even more, we’re taking a moment to look back at the massive upheaval we’ve all been through. And while there have been plenty of times self care has slipped by the wayside, one of the silver linings is that some healthy habits have managed to creep in, because we’ve needed them. But as we emerge from this latest lockdown, how do we adjust AGAIN and make sure we keep on top of our wellbeing?

“We’re all acutely aware of the real squeeze we felt during lockdown”, says Suzy, “But as we emerge, remember this is another period of adjustment. The sensory overload you might be experiencing is real. It’s ok if you feel your social stamina has taken a dip, it will return. It’s going to take more than a trip to the pub and a new hairdo to compensate for the depletion of the last year. Go gently. Pace yourself. Give yourself time and space to process and restore. Life keeps happening so self-care needs to keep happening.”

The reality of living through such a tough time is that “the lessons have come thick and fast”, says Suzy, “Let’s seize this opportunity to keep doing things differently, honouring our health and wellbeing.” And if that sounds easier said than done, luckily she’s got a sleeve-full of tips and more, for how to identify your own habits worth keeping, and help them stick. 

As a starting point she suggests taking a moment to reflect on what did work for you, “Moving forwards, it is ok to protect these habits,” she says, “We don’t need to leap back into life as it was. Give yourself permission to create a new kind of normal - one that supports your health and wellbeing.” Which doesn’t have to mean completely changing your life or routine, Suzy says, “Even one health non-negotiable can make the world of difference.” 

For working out what these non-negotiables are to you, Suzy recommends, “Reflecting on the scaffolding in life that we need to function well - what does a good day look like to you?” For a busy mum like her it’s solitude and solo time spent walking and thinking, which was hard to come by in lockdown, and not perhaps the easiest thing to recognise, “Sometimes the benefits of our healthy habits are abundantly clear” she says, “We feel energised, clear-headed, motivated...Sometimes it’s when healthy habits fall away or are inaccessible that we see their true value.” 

And once you’ve identified what’s important to YOU, be it walks, exercise, sleep, whatever, it’s important to protect it, “It helps to remember these healthy habits are our way of managing our energy and that makes them a true win win,” says Suzy, “[In lockdown] I learnt that it was actually ok to say no...Resolutely honouring my boundaries and protecting my energy is a skill I will be holding on to.” 

Setting boundaries with friends and family in order to protect your wellbeing can feel daunting at first, but in looking after yourself you are looking after them too, “When we are depleted it is hard to show up as we aspire to in any facet of life”, says Suzy, “Leaky boundaries serve no-one...Keep nourishing you and watch those dividends ripple out broadly beyond you” 

If there’s ONE THING to take forward, there’s a commitment we can get behind. 

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