Green fingers or not, these plants will boost your mood, honest!

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Aug 19, 2019

Green fingers or not, these plants will boost your mood, honest!

If you hadn't noticed, we're becoming a succulent-obsessed society.

Scan your friend's/ local coffee shop/ hair salon's shelves next time if you don't believe us. Yep, leafy greens are in Vogue and while we'll never get rid of our candles, plants are being heralded as another form of interior eye candy that can boost our mood and relax our busy minds. P.s. they look great together on a bathroom shelf!

It's also a way to bring the outside in and get acquainted with nature - a must when recent studies* found that almost half of British women don't have enough time to enjoy the outdoors. In addition it showed that 86% of women believed that spending time in nature is a great way of relieving everyday stresses and strains. But when time is tight and a stroll through the countryside has to be reserved for weekends, plants are the perfect way to get a fix. Plus they go some way in improving the air quality by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and more recently they'v been credited with helping to absorb toxins and pollutants in the atmosphere (although you'd need more of a forestation rather than a few houseplants to get the best benefits). 

Finally, there's the colour theory that states that green is one of the most calming colours on the spectrum. Alleviating anxiety and representing tranquillity. American research has shown that even a glimpse of nature improves life satisfaction and that - wait for it - those who have a green working environment suffer less from stomach aches!

But where to starts? Cactus or fern, flowers or herbs, we've gathered together some vital stats so you can walk into your local garden centre and pluck out the plants you want with purpose!


A favourite with us, lavender can really help slow down the heart rate to help reduce stress. It can also help aid sleep, but keeping it indoors does require a lot of light so find somewhere south facing - if that's your bedroom, you're winning. 

Snake Plant

Tall, shapely and with animal print esque leaves, this one is definitely insta worthy. Add an Oliver Bonas planter and boom. They're also easy to keep and can be neglected for weeks on end - great if you're not a natural in nature. Health-wise they're said to help improve headaches. Get one in your office immediately. 

Aloe Vera

A go-to succulent for beginners, these juicy leaves aren't only full of hydrating gel, they produce oodles of oxygen at night and is why botanists recommend insomniacs pop them on their bedside table to help them drift off. Ideal if you need some fresh air but it's too chilly to sleep with the window open. 

Bamboo Palm

If you've got some floor space, invest in one of these leafy sprawlers. Lounge, dining room, or workspace, this doesn't need a lot of light and is one of the species that's been found to improve air quality. Easy mcbreezy. 

Peace Lilies

Sucking up mould spores and other toxins that float around in the environment, the air-cleaning ability of this plant was tested by NASA. There's also the added benefit that it flowers so if you like your greens to have a bit of something extra, here's your answer. 

Lady Palm

Renowned for their humidity increasing powers, these have been recommended to folks who suffer from dry eyes or a dry nose. Take note if you're a cleaning freak or have just given your house a paint job too, as the leaves are a dab hand at removing the gas, formaldehyde from the atmosphere.

*Study in partnership with Go Jauntly