Hello our newbie Precious Moment...

Posted by Nicola Elliott

Hello our newbie Precious Moment...

What really is more precious than emeralds? Precious moments of wellbeing. And oh how I love you Precious Moment.

The beautiful colour of the jade green glass filled with the 21 amazing essential oils we’ve blended for this cosy AND fabulously vibrant NEW blend, truly boosts your wellbeing. And what could be more precious than that? A truly welcomed and loved part of our Christmas fragrance library and I absolutely adored creating this festive fragrance. I started with the seriously-warming deep amber oil of vetivert.

It’s the first time we’ve created something that’s so woody and punchy and I have wanted to use this oil for some time, because it’s so earthy and cosy yet also is brilliant for energising too. Add a punch of black pepper which is steam distilled from the dried crushed berries and a drizzle of invigorating and vibrant ginger oil gives this fragrance a stripped back yet warming and comforting kind of vibe. Spicy yet fresh notes clear your mind. Finally a splash of the energising citrus oils of orange & bergamot (which are cold pressed from the peel) gives it a little sweet, fresh and fruity vibe.

Great to uplift you (and as a morning pick-me-up) whilst surrounding your home with a beautifully invigorating scent of Christmas. A fab scent to use as a fantastic invigorating pre-party fragrance, for a morning pick-me-up or for that alternative, woody natural and modern Christmas choice with the power to help you kick ass!

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