Here’s how to look after your wellbeing no matter your work routine

Posted by PR Neom, Jul 20, 2021

Here’s how to look after your wellbeing no matter your work routine

We’ve all had to get used to new routines, and then un-learn them, on repeat, for a long time now. But as things seem to be settling down, one thing that looks to be permanently changing is all of our working situations. Even if you’re a key worker you might have kept your normal hours and workplace, we bet your commute and interactions look very different. Whatever your routine is, wellbeing should be top of the agenda, and we’re here to help you find ways that fit right in.




Firstly, it’s important to address the elephant in the room (office). If you were furloughed, put on reduced hours, or suddenly switched from full time office to full time home, it’s likely you’ve had a few anxious thoughts about going back to the way things were. That might be down to scary statistics in the news, social anxiety or just plain old change. Re-entry anxiety is REAL, and usually experienced after parental leave, or time away travelling. If this sounds like you, remember you are not alone, it’s okay to take things slowly, and reach out to your workplace if you need to put some measures in place to help you adjust, like a temporary hybrid model. Find more tips on how to get your mojo back here, and have a think about what you can add to your toolkit to ease any anxieties. 

We recommend:

  • Prioritising winding down and proper sleep with a range of tools to help you de-stress from the day, and make sure you don’t carry any tension into tomorrow. Make time for a bath if you can, and boost your relaxation with a de-stressing scent. Try to take small steps to see a friend in an environment where you feel safe, and gradually get used to the changes around you rather than diving in head first. 



Working from home

Even though restrictions are lifting, you might have opted to work from home full time, or your workplace may have given up their office. If that’s you, even if you love being at home, your wellbeing needs to stay top of the agenda to avoid burnout, feelings of isolation and a different kind of stress to the one you’re used to.

We recommend:

  • Being kind to yourself and taking proper breaks, that get you outside and moving.
  • Lighting a calming candle before (or during) a stressful meeting. You can’t do that in the office!
  • Keeping your Wellbeing Pod Mini close by on your desk, so you can switch the scent from calming to energy boosting whenever you need it.
  • Call a colleague for a 5-minute ‘water cooler’ moment, to decompress as you would do in the office when making a cup of tea.


Wellbeing Pod Mini


It could be the best of both worlds, or… it could be totally chaotic. If you’re in a part time from home, part time from the office model, it’s important to keep your recipes for wellbeing success close at hand. 

We recommend:

  • Get your day down on paper in the morning, so it’s out of your head. We bet even the changing routine starts to feel more manageable.
  • Keep a few mini wellbeing essentials in both places, like a 10ml bottle of your favourite de-stressing Essential Oil Blend, a calming mini hand balm and a hand sanitiser that gives you a mood boost.
  • Invest in a Wellbeing Pod Mini that can come with you from home desk to car to office.

Full time in the office

It’s back to business as usual… or maybe it always has been to the office for you! Either way, you’ll notice your commute getting busier, your desk mate moved a safe two metres away and lots of new rules to follow.

We recommend:

  • A handkerchief or fabric face mask with a few drops of your favourite Essential Oil Blend will help keep your mood lifted all day, and help you feel at home.
  • Embrace the power of breath, for techniques to instantly de-stress at your desk, and to build your overall calmness.
  • A hand sanitiser and balm that gives you a wellbeing boost, so you can find a moment of calm at your desk, in your work bathrooms, wherever.



And finally…

Whatever your work routine looks like now, we recommend holding on to your ONE THING from lockdown, and making time for it in your day. That could be your morning walk, your homemade coffee, tending to your new houseplants. Whatever the GOOD was that got you through lockdown, make time for it in your new working days and feel the benefits continue.