How our team is doing it

Posted by PR Neom, Apr 23, 2020

How our team is doing it

Whether it’s hunkering down, livening up or simply feeling the positive vibes with a power shower with some hard working essential oils or even a DIY hand treatment with Wonder Balm. We’re sharing what we’re using at home to feel good, and making it the best place it can possibly be.

Chloe, PR Manager

Chloe, PR Manager

“I can’t go to bed without covering myself in the Bedtime Hero Magnesium Body Butter. Before I apply I cup my hands over my nose and breathe in all the amazing essential oils, I associate it with bedtime now so it makes me feel all cosy and relaxed.”

Jodie, Lead Designer

Jodie, Lead Designer

“I use the Bedtime Hero Pillow Mist every night on my pillow (and my partners). We have the essential oil blend pumping away in the living room too, whilst we watch TV, so our whole flat smells citrusy at first, but softens quickly and smells super relaxing.”

Charlotte Silver, Customer Care Manager

Charlotte, Customer Care Manager

“Long days, lack of oxygen, home workouts and a busy work schedule, my saviour is the Great Day Glow Face Oil. It helps me look alive on those morning zoom calls whilst knowing those skin loving ingredients are getting to work.”

Rose, Customer Care Executive Customer Care Executive lifestyle

Rose, Customer Care Executive

“After a long day sitting working from home, an evening stretch is the perfect way to unwind paired with our Bedtime Hero Body Butter. This Chamomile and Cedarwood fragrance is the ultimate relaxation.

Lucy, Brand Manager

Lucy, Brand & Content Manager

“The new Moment of Calm Essential Oil Blend is on every day in my home office, so I can fill it with a calming scent. Much needed after morning school work to tame the wild kids, whilst making me feel that bit more chilled out too.”

Charlotte, Social Media Manager one Charlotte, Social Media Manager 

Charlotte, Social Media Manager

“Every day when I walked into the office and saw the smiley faces of the girls, I always used to spray a little Jasmine, Bergamot & Orange Peel Perfume. I now do this when I sit down at my home desk. I love the essential oils. And it sets me up for work.”

Katie, Ecommerce Manager

Katie, Ecommerce Trading Manager

“I use my Pod morning till night – the 10 Essential oils available mean I can swap and change the scent to suit my mood. I start the day with the Feel Refreshed Essential Oil, the sharp citrus scent wakes me up and gives me a burst of energy to get my going. I have to finish with the Perfect Night’s Sleep Essential Oil, it’s a nighttime ritual to set it going 2 hours before bed so the room is filled with the perfect amount of fragrance to help us sleep."

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