How team NEOM use their Wellbeing Pod Minis

Posted by PR Neom

How team NEOM use their Wellbeing Pod Minis

“I’m still working from home at the moment so I’ve started taking my mini with me, like a little companion throughout the day. My main Wellbeing Pod is perfect to take pride of place in my living room ready for unwind-time in the evening, and pop an energising scent in my mini to have on my desk. It’s the BEST portable diffuser, and because it’s so easy to switch the scent, I swap to a calming one at lunchtime, and take it with me to my reading nook while I have a proper lunch break, then it’s back to Focus the Mind in time to beat the 3pm slump at my desk.” -  Lucy G

“Housework’s just one of those facts of life, and with lockdown it’s felt like laundry and washing up are never ending (anyone else with me on this?) I had the idea to put my Wellbeing Pod Mini in the utility room and it’s the best essential oil diffuser for small rooms, just perfect for cheering up the tiny space and making the chores go a bit faster. I get the radio on, some Happiness in the pod and that folding suddenly doesn’t seem so bad…” Emily H

“I’m definitely taking my mini on holiday, when my holiday happens! I feel like I’ve been waiting for something like this, it’s the best portable diffuser, the bottles of oil blends are 10ml so can go in hand luggage and it’s just going to be that extra bit of comfort in my hotel room, to get rid of those cleaning smells too.” Lilly C

“I can’t wait to have people round FINALLY - I’ve done a lot of updating to my house during lockdown and really want to show it off, so I’m thinking of putting my Wellbeing Pod Mini in the hallway so people get a nice hit of fragrance as soon as they arrive, rather than cooking smells. Real Luxury is my favourite but I might mix it up depending on the vibe I want to set.” Charlotte S

“I feel like I’ve spent way more time in my car with all these lockdowns, even though I haven’t been commuting I’ve been avoiding public transport and doing the same journeys to the shops and back - so boring. Having a car essential oil diffuser is going to make all the difference, and I can’t wait to get my mini pod in my cup holder to make driving that bit more bearable, and boost my mood when I can actually drive to see friends instead of to Tesco. I’ll just be avoiding the Scent to Sleep range while driving, for obvious reasons…” Rose A 


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