How to: 7-minute de-stressing face massage

Posted by PR Neom, Jan 21, 2020

How to: 7-minute de-stressing face massage

Move over Face Gym, here’s your step by step guide to giving yourself a facial massage at home like a pro and feel the tension lift. By therapeutic massage expert, Kristin Mckenzie.

Step 1: Clean Skin
Grab yourself your favourite skin care - this massage is great to do in the evening so we love using our Perfect Night’s Sleep duo - Perfect Night’s Sleep Cleansing Balm and Face Oil. Rid any germs from your hands and give them a wash before giving your skin a good old cleanse - relaxing as you take it off with a hot cloth.

Watch NEOM Founder show you how she cleanses her skin.

NEOM found shows you how she cleanses her skin

Step 2: Nourish your skin
Next up is your face oil. Add a few nourishing, skin-softening drops of your oil to clean hands and rub in to warm it up, before gently pressing it into your skin - all over your face and neck and let the absorption begin.

Nourish your skin

Step 3: Relax your face
The opening move is to feel where your tongue is and relax it. Let it rest, touching the back of your teeth. Begin to relax your face muscles at the forehead and start stroking your face with downward strokes. Stroke down the side of the face, ending at the tip of the chin. Do this slowly with light pressure.
Then, take two fingers and stroke down the middle of your forehead, down to the tip of the nose. Repeat this several times, then continue down the cheekbones for several strokes.

Relax your face

Step 4: The Face & Forehead
With the pads of your fingertips apply light pressure to your face and draw circles around different areas of your face (pressure points to focus on are your temples, jaw, and under your cheekbones). If you’ve got tension in your sinus area or forehead push the pressure point in the middle, just under each eye brow.

Step 5: Temples and Jaw
Spend a few minutes massaging your temples with a bit more pressure and focus on your jaw line - which is where we tend to hold lots of tension (especially if you subconsciously clench your jaw at night, if you’re stressed). Finally move to your ears, massaging with circular movements.

Step 6: The Neck
Once at the tip of your ears, continue down the sides and back of your neck. Gently massage with deeper pressure down your neck, down the spine and then either side.

Step 7: To Finish

Lightly stroke again from your forehead, down the side of your face and your neck. Then cup your hands over your eyes (darkening your surroundings for a few seconds) then over your nose and mouth to inhale the essential oils from your face oil - breathe in for 7 and out for 11 seconds. Ahhh.

to finish