How to make your shower work twice as hard for you

Posted by PR Neom, Jul 19, 2021

How to make your shower work twice as hard for you

We’ve always said the key to a super effective wellbeing toolkit is to find things that stick. And to stick, they have to feel so natural in your day/life/routine that you barely notice you’re doing it. By now you’re probably used to having your calming candle burning away while you get ready for bed, and maybe you’ve swapped your regular lip balm for a pot of Wonder Balm that gives you a boost. But what if we told you, you could be boosting your energy, just by being in the shower? Enter the POWER ingredients that we just had to have in our Super Shower Power Body Cleanser. These supercharged naturals give you a zap of energy in a cloud of (SLS free) lather, so you’re ready to nail the day. These are the reasons why…


Aside from the blast of fresh air provided by just a small hint of mint (great for clearing that morning grog), spearmint essential oil does amazing things for your skin, and amazing things to your whole wellbeing when taken through your skin.

It’s high in antioxidants for a start, which is brilliant for keeping skin youthful and protected against environmental stressors. But when it comes to that energy boost, the power of spearmint is two-fold for body and mind. It’s been shown to improve athletic performance ( we see you SPRINGING out of that shower!) 


Okay so you might be more used to seeing rosemary in your seasoning cupboard than in your bathroom, but this powerful (and tasty) herb has hidden depths. And don’t worry, we’re not eating in the shower. We had to have it in the body cleanser though, as its stimulating properties are just the thing in the AM.

Studies have shown a link between rosemary essential oil and improved brain function, and when it’s first thing we’ll take all the help we can get in that area. It’s also been linked to an improvement in memory which is more then helpful when it comes to remembering exactly what goes in that lunch bag, and what’s on the to-do list.

Plus, it’s been shown to increase blood circulation, leaving you feeling super invigorated from top to toe, from the moment you step out of the shower.


In the same way as spearmint, eucalyptus essential oil gives that blast of fresh air that’s so invigorating. We’re already fans of it in our Scent to Boost Your Energy range for its cobweb-clearing (and air detoxifying) abilities, but adding it to our morning showers has been game changing. 

It’s a decongestant, so if you’re feeling a little flu-ey on the morning it will help clear you out and get you up and moving, and it’s also been used for increasing blood flow to the brain, getting you out of that morning slump and into your most productive state of mind.