Ice bath? Double espresso? 6am spin? Or just Super Shower Power

Posted by PR Neom, Jul 19, 2021

Ice bath? Double espresso? 6am spin? Or just Super Shower Power

Why I just had to make something to shake up the morning routine. Power up, morning motivation is sorted. Meet NEW Super Shower Power Body Cleanser.

“I can’t claim to be a morning person, and I’ve got a small suspicion that EVERYONE needs a little help in the AM. Where better to get that boost than the place we go every morning without fail, the shower? And no I’m not talking a blast of ice-cold water - brr! That is one trend I just can’t bring myself to try. Instead, I’m reaching for the insanely invigorating combination of spearmint, rosemary and eucalyptus that makes up our NEW Super Power Shower Cleanser. I’m SO glad you seem to agree, with 87% saying the scent is powerful and 80% of people we asked saying they felt that all-important zap of energy from the scent alone.

Part of the NEOM mission to boost your wellbeing is to help you with your energy bank, naturally, and just one way to do that is to have good mornings that set you up to nail the day. Through tips, tools and the power of natural energy-boosters that can add up to one powerful toolkit. And when mornings are hectic with school routines, breakfast and just plain getting ready, the shower is the easiest place to get that boost just for you, so you can power UP. 

It’s super nourishing with organic coffee extract, organic oat milk, and mega hydrating pentavitin, saccharide isomerate - a natural plant extract that binds to the skin like a magnet and keeps you protected and feeling moisturised all day. In fact, 72% of people in our survey felt that charge of hydration which is so important to me - YES it has to give you an energy boost but I also wanted to make the best body cleanser possible. Oh, and the ingredients are 100% biodegradable and the packaging is made with 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable so it is sure to have pride of place on your shower shelf.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of it so please let me know @neomorganics on Instagram, let’s get those GOOD mornings going!”

How to use a cleanser for the body. Here’s what team NEOM is saying:

“I don’t always get up for that 6am spin class but when I do, it’s the endorphin rush that makes it worth it. And I can honestly say I get the same boost of positivity with the Superpower cleanser, it’s a shower essential for me now, and on the days when I haven’t managed to get that dawn workout in, it does the job to get me motivated and at my best!” - Katie, Ecommerce Trading Manager 

“I definitely rely on coffee in the morning, but I’m trying to cut down on it so I will take any extra help in the AM that I can find. I love that you can just lather up and you’re surrounded by the energising scent, breathing in deep makes it that little bit easier to resist the espresso.” - Natalie, Customer Marketing Manager 

“I’m a bit of a bath and body junkie, I have a stacked shelf or products but this is my morning go-to for sure, I love that it’s a natural (SLS free) lather, that leaves my skin feeling so soft and nourished. I love getting that luxurious feel from a natural product.” - Emily, Customer Care Manager