Into crystals? Here's the ones to use

Posted by PR Neom, Feb 18, 2020

Into crystals? Here's the ones to use

It’s 2020 and words like ‘reiki’, ‘meditation’ and ‘sound bath’ are simply part of our everyday vocabulary and morning yoga classes have made their way into the boardroom (for NEOM it’s the Wellbeing Wednesday pilates session surrounded by our kick ass Feel Refreshed fragrance). And then there’s ‘crystal healing’ which has been around for quite a while - first going mainstream and featuring in the pages of glossy magazines in 2018. Yet, we heard that 2020 is set to see them soar, and for the power of feel good from crystals to get even cooler (psst check out our super-cute crystal kit in our Wellbeing Edit). But what’s all the fuss about?

Hardly from a scientific background, crystals are thought to help you in many ways from physical, to emotional and spiritually. People who work with crystals believe that the stones hold a line of frequency that emit vibrations. A-listers like Victoria Beckham (who is said to carry them with her all the time) and Miranda Kerr are big fans. “To strip it right back, Crystals are used to assist in the flow of energy - we are made of energy, life is energy and its about harnessing a good flow and working out what might stagnate - we work with crystals to draw out the ‘negative’ and ‘heighten’ the positive,” says Emma Lucy Knowles, author of The Power Of Crystal Healing.

Whether you believe in those crystal powers and use them whilst having a mini mindfulness session on the tube, or just want to get your mitts on some anyway (because they look cute-as next to your pillow mist and journal at your bedside), here’s Emma’s mini guide to crystals for beginners.

A quick kit?

I would say Rose Quartz, Amethyst Selenite would be part of my go to staple kit – promoting love, spiritual and creative lifting and universal guidance – you really cannot go wrong with these crystals when you are ‘starting out’. Beyond that – ALWAYS go with your gut.

Into crystals? Here's the ones to use

Best for energy?

Ruby crystal. For powering up and getting the job done. The powerful warming red tone promotes a hugely energising vibe.

For plugging yourself in for an overnight charge?

Amethyst. One of our staple go-to stones for varying reasons and often most effectively, it’s for use in resting and transitioning into a deep, dreamy sleep. The enriching and vibrant Amethyst allows us to lift the veil between the physical world and the world in the skies above us – channelling our emotions into a bridge to the ‘beyond’ helping us truly put our mind down.

Into crystals? Here's the ones to use

Best for Mood?

Citrine. Is the sunshine in abundance - happiness and all the good stuff. I use this crystal to burn off the clouds of life and to light the way into positive intention, allowing for a favourable vibration that you can trust and feel good in. 

For calming and tension?

Aventurine. This deeply enriching green stone’s precious vibration works blissfully in aligning and balancing your central nervous system, much like hitting the reset button - allowing this stone to take your weight of the world and return you to a peaceful state of mind.

Into crystals? Here's the ones to use

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