It's officially one year old

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Aug 02, 2019

It's officially one year old

And this baby continues to get those OMG moments.

The one that stole the show last summer. Remember? The crowd went WILD with people all over the world writing in to say...

"I've been waiting for this! I'm so happy!"

"I absolutely love it! On for 10 minutes and my house smells like a spa! Just fantastic"

"I've been waiting for you to bring out essential oils...thank you!! I can't wait to try them!"

Did you know our incredible Wellbeing Pod was bespokely designed by by our Founder & Creative Director Nicola?

The Product Development team took the hand drawn design and turned it into reality. With a brilliant team who hand crafted the ceramic pod with it's gravure ceramic texture, rose gold touches, and ALL THE AMAZING DESIGN details so it would fit into any home and look incredible too! It's no wonder it took over a year for our team to develop, Nicola was so passionate about making sure every detail was just right. 

And it's not got two new partners to play with...Get some calm and relaxation with our two brand NEW Scent To Calm & Relax Essential Oil Blends Complete Bliss with Morrocan blush rose, lime & black pepper AND Sensuous - a deep, spicy and floral blend of ylang ylang, rick frankincense and woody soothing patchouli. Oils that are already feeling some serious LOVE...

"Love love love the new Complete Bliss oil in the Pod. Might just be my new fave NEOM scent."

"OMG I am so happy these are my two are my all time favourite scents. Will be getting them both for my Pod."

And, our all time favourite comment from customer Amy...

"OMFG! What a day to be alive! THE BEST fragrance!!!"

What's your FAVOURITE NEOM wellbeing fragrance? Let us know over on Instagram @neomorganics