Making the most of our time outdoors

Posted by PR Neom, Apr 08, 2020

Making the most of our time outdoors

We’ve been thinking about the outdoors more recently.  We’re spending so much of our time indoors right now, that we might be finding our brains are a little foggy and our mood is running on low. Yes we can all make our home a haven, but how can we make the time, when we do go out for our once-daily breath of fresh air, work that bit harder for our mental wellbeing? We asked Willow Crossley, author of the newly-published book, The Wild Journal who also gives us tips for bringing the outside in and about her love for her Bedtime Hero routine.

Tips for us to harness the power of the outdoors when we’re spending so much time indoors?

Bring flowers, plants, shells and branches into your home. Fling open the windows and fill the house with fresh air. Go for your 1 hour walk every day. Plant some seeds - you don’t need a garden - you can have herbs on a window sill in your kitchen!

What the outdoors means to you?

For me to function properly - mostly emotionally - I need at least an hour outside a day. Not doing anything hugely strenuous, just walking in the woods, weeding the garden or doing the mowing.

I feel I can breathe better when I’m outside.  I feel more creative, more energised. I often come up with my best ideas on walks. I find that sitting at my desk all day makes me feel sluggish and my mind wanders.  If I give myself outside breaks I’m far more productive and happier!

what the outdoors means for you?

Tell us about switching your London life for France?

Moving to France happened when Charlie, my then boyfriend announced he was moving there. I’d been in London for years, doing my degree in Fashion Promotion and then working, rather unsuccessfully, on various magazines, so six months after he left, I thought, why not?! I’ve always been quite an anxious person; a worrier from as long as I can remember and living in London, where I wasn’t really enjoying my job,  never seeing the light of day, burning the candle at both ends, left me feeling that life could definitely get better. So I decided to follow him to France.

Your Wellbeing Toolkit?

So Professor Rottenberg talks about how we all need to acknowledge the sources that bring so many of us into low moods -  primarily too much work and too little sleep. He talks about how we need to be more aware of the tools that we have up our sleeves so that we can disrupt or break up low moods before they have a chance to morph into much longer, more severe ones. And this is what I talk about when talking about an emotional toolkit; it’s basically a set of things that you know will personally help you when you’re feeling down.  They're tried and tested things that you know will lift you, even if a tiny bit. So for me, my kit contains; good sleep, chatting with my friends, eating healthy proper meals - no rubbish sugary, 'I can’t be bothered to cook’ food, getting outside for a walk, family time, no techie screens and doing something creative.

Who inspires you the most?

My mother,  Kate Corbett Winder. She’s utterly amazing. She’s a writer, a gardener and painter. She’s kind, caring,  always there for us all; a font of all knowledge! And an incredible cook. I’d be lost without her, we speak every day for hours about everything and nothing.  Properly inspiring.

Bedtime Hero routine


I love your new sleep range [Bedtime Hero] so much. I actually had a bath last night with the bubble bath, lit the candle, moisturised after my bath and then sprayed my pillow with the sleep spray. It was the most luxurious, spoiling, delicious evening I’ve had in a long time - and I slept like a log!  They're my new go-to presents for friends. 

I also love the Happy range. My sister in law gave me some pieces when I was going through a tough time and I had the candle burning on the kitchen table - it was so uplifting.  I honestly am such a huge fan of all the products. I listened to Nicola (the Founder) on a podcast recently and was so fascinated to learn how it all began and how much time, work and experimenting goes into developing each product. They really actually work. They really do what they say on the tin. I use the sleep ones when I want to relax and properly switch off and the happy one when I need a little bit of a lift.

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