Natural Candles - What's the low down?

Posted by Nicola Elliott

Natural Candles - What's the low down?

Why are we SO passionate about natural scented candles?

We started making natural candles way back in 2005 - we wanted to make the best natural candles not only in the UK but globally. It was SO hard to find waxes that were 100% natural and scented ONLY with aromatherapy oils - try as we might we just couldn't find anyone who had made it work. Perhaps because paraffin wax (the byproduct of petroleum) was then, and still is now, the no 1 wax used globally. Plus, all the luxury candles were, and still are, made primarily with synthetic scents and often include 'scent boosters' to help a smaller amount of fragrance go father (cue - cheaper for the manufacturers). In fact, did you know in the majority of cases, if say a candle say it's got 'lemon, lime and mandarin in it' it has probably never been near those natural oils, just synthetic scent that smells just like them!

Back to our plight, and why we heart natural candles.

"Who were these people wanting to put a massive 10ml of essential oils in each candle? Wanting to create the best natural scented candles? Are they mad?" laughed all the candle factories we spoke to across the UK.

"No we are the NEOM team! And we won't use paraffin wax, a crude oil derivative, and we won't use synthetic scents with unfathomable names. We want to make a unique blend of soy, rapeseed, caster and other natural candle oils only for a base, and scent with so much essential oils that the candle isn't just the purest around, but that it works as a 'treatment' when you inhale the aromatherapeutic air."

The phone went down on us dozens of times. But finally, after two years of intense development, and over 250 samples (imagine how my 2 bed flat smelt!) we cracked it. The purest natural scented candle I had ever experience (and my goodness I have combed the globe) and once with the power to work as a pure natural aromatherapeutic treatment and in my book the best natural scented candles. Something that after 20 mins filled the scent of an average room with enough natural candle oils to make the treatment work. Genius.

There was a sleep one for my sister (a staunch greenie who wouldn't go near a synthetic chemical and only ate organic food way before it was cool), an energy boosting for my husband who was a sports teacher and came home pooped, a mood booster for my friend (who was up and down to say the least!) and perhaps the most important one to de-stress myself, who suffered anxiety (more on that in another blog, but by God the essential oils and natural candle oils helped). 

Our passion for natural runs through everything we do, not just natural candles - everything, because we don't like the idea of burning crude oil based paraffin wax in our home, or scents that are made up of synthetics, but just as much because we believe in the real power of natural oils and the amazing effects they can have on you wellbeing daily. The way you can light a NEOM candle and create your own little home spa, pick or gift a treatment that is personal, thoughtful, bespoke to you (or someone else's needs), that you can gift a moment of calm, help yourself with a better night's sleep...after all we believe that the small steps really make a big difference.