NEOM share their ONE THING from lockdown

Posted by PR Neom, May 14, 2021

NEOM share their ONE THING from lockdown

What’s your ONE THING? We’re taking the time to think about the GOOD that’s come out of the (really tough) year-and-a-half - because while the good things might have seemed small at the time, they were there, and they helped get us through. And we’re all about whatever brings you joy, so we’re looking at our wellbeing toolkits and deciding what’s important to keep hold of, and slot into life as it gets busier. Here’s some of team NEOM’s...

I’m keeping my…


Coffee ritual: Swap those flat white for an at-home personal blend, after all there’s only one way to get it exactly how you like it…

Family time: What’s better than everyone round the table together?

When Covid hit we all had to adjust to brand new routines which sometimes felt like a total NON routine, and slowly but surely, really enjoyable moments started to creep through, and some of the things we did before (like buying treats on the way to work, or being totally manic every evening) seemed like madness. Keep that balance by finding the ONE THING you can’t imagine giving up now.

I’m STAYING in nature by…


Gardening: And when the day’s done, a glass of wine to survey your progress is in order!

Hopping on a bike: Less traffic = better environment and better mood.

Playing tennis: Fresh air and a workout in one.

For a while there, outside was the only place to go. And despite the mud and rain, a lot of the time it was grounding, sanity-saving and actually FUN. And we can’t imagine going back to indoor life now, even in the midst of the rainiest spring ever.

I’m keeping time for me by…


Swapping the commute: For a gym session, HIIT workout, yoga session or walk.

Better ZZZ’s: That extra hour in bed has done wonders for our sleep.

Reading: Because we’ve all completed Netflix.

A lot of us lost commutes (good) and we all lost social time (bad) but one thing everyone gained was TIME. And if you managed to use some of it for you? AMAZING. 

I’m boosting my wellbeing by…


Playing the guitar: Learning new skills is a mood boost we don’t want to give up

Painting: So therapeutic and there’s no pressure to be Picasso

Nourishing: More cooking and baking from scratch means more harmony with your body, and more of the good, fresh stuff

Being kind to myself: Repeat: It’s okay not to be okay

Wellbeing toolkits have to adjust all the time to slot into life, and there are some things we added during lockdown that we just don’t want to let go of. And there’s no reason why that new (or old!) hobby that’s boosting your brain and your mood, can’t stay with you.

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