One From The Team. You Asked, We Answered.

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One From The Team. You Asked, We Answered.

We took a whole host of questions that having been pinging in through email, Instagram, Facebook (and from customers in our stores when we heard ‘oh wow’ when they walked through the doors) and got our NEOM Wellbeing gang to answer them.

What’s the inspiration?

Nicola our founder also leads the creative vision of NEOM is up to answer this one.
“This year we knew we wanted to celebrate just how magical nature can be. From the oils we get from plants to the natural ingredients we use - everything this year that we have done, created, painted, installed, drawn and blended works hard, smells incredible and looks BEAUTIFUL, all-the-while, using what nature has to offer. I think we did a pretty good job, and I am thrilled how it has come to life.”

What's the inspiration?


How far in advance do you start working on your Christmas collection?

We cornered Andrea (our product developer) for this one. “It’s at least 18 months to 2 years before launch we start thinking of concepts, colours, fragrances. We know our customers always come to us at Christmas for a gift that is really meaningful. A gift which means more than looking nice or smelling nice - we always create products which say ‘I know how you've been feeling’ - whether it’s for a special someone that just needs a dose of calm in their lives, or perhaps for someone who needs better sleep.”

How did you come up with the creative concept for this years Christmas?

“This Christmas is all about the ‘exploding wreath’ in our creative. It's a wreath - truly synonymous with Christmas time BUT a wreath the NEOM way. Which means… beautiful water colour (bespokely hand illustrated using pots of beautiful paints), popping-coloured dried foliage and the wreath exploding! We wanted it to be everywhere - exploding on our website, sitting naturally pretty in the windows of stores and a centre piece in all our stockists too. Every single thing is about giving you that magical gift of natural wellbeing." Jodie, Lead Designer   


What's the most stressful part of Christmas for you?


 What's the most stressful part of Christmas for you?

Nicola. “The juggle. You know the one? The one that happens all year round, except at this time of year, things go extra nuts, leaving me, well, knackered (am I allowed to say that word on here? Oh well). From wrapping the kids Christmas gifts, to going up north, down south visiting our wellbeing pops (we’ve had ten this year) and brilliant stores, to my early mornings and late nights peddling my wares on QVC, to planning next year - oh and there’s serving 20 at my home on Christmas. After all that (which I LOVE), I am ready for some chill time at home, a long soak in the tub, a good book and a whopping dose of Real Luxury all around me! Oh and if my kids are reading this - do not disturb me whilst I do those things! The juggle is real.”


NEOM Organics Store Leeds

Is there anything exciting happening in stores this Christmas?

 Oh gosh, where do I start? We kicked off with our Christmas shopping evening previews for our customers, then two of our stores have just celebrated birthdays - Guildford celebrated its first birthday, whilst Wimbledon is now five - both these stores have treatment rooms (which have been booked back-to-back on the NEOM De-Stress Treatment!)

 "The team have been wrapping, spritzing, (and wrapping some more) all the wonderful wellbeing gifts, serving warms teas and helping our customers choose their Christmas vibe this year. We’ve also had so many customers comment on the window wreaths (and asking to take them home when we have finished with them). The Wellbeing Pod, has been pumping out the fresh and festive scent of perfect peace all day long, keep the gang going as it gets busier and busier. If you’re near by any of our stores, please do come in and say hi - there’s always room for one more!" Grace, Retail Manager 

What’s on your wish list this year?
A little scoot around the office and there’s a resounding vote in the office is three things…

1 The Wellbeing Pod + De-Stress Essential Oil Blend - because what’s not to love about a little calm scent from the most cool and chic Wellbeing Pod?

2 The Ultimate Candle complete with a complimentary 200ml Reed Diffuser Set (for a limited time only!) - Quite simply the ultimate when it comes to gifts.

3 Grapefruit, Lemon & Rosemary Natural Perfume. A back pocket wellbeing shot, to get to gear for the new year