Our Founder Shares Her Go-To Morning Routine

Posted by Samantha Nice, Feb 08, 2022

Our Founder Shares Her Go-To Morning Routine

Mornings are always pretty hectic for me (whether it’s the 7:30am school bus or an early morning meeting) but I’m a big believer in finding what works for you and sticking to it. It takes a bit of trial and error, but I’ve finally learnt over the years what works and having a routine is definitely the key to most parts of wellbeing. Here is what a typical weekday morning looks like for me as well as some of the mood-boosting products that really help to set me up for a good day…


Start The Day Right

First things first, I’ll never hit the snooze button. Once my alarm has gone off – I’m up and straight into the shower. Absolutely no morning shower is complete without our Super Shower Power Body Cleanser. The invigorating and uplifting scent of spearmint, eucalyptus and rosemary helps to revive a sleepy mind and give me a burst of much-needed energy. Twice a week I’ll also use our Great Day Body Scrub which, if you’ve not tried it, is incredible at giving you silky smooth skin in seconds. It’s also packed with another scent I love in the mornings – wild mint and mandarin.

Another daily ritual I’ve been testing out is dry body brushing. Whilst it’s nothing new that this can bring so many different benefits, I’ve always found most of them too harsh on my skin. That was until I found this one from Hydrea London. It’s much softer but still helps with relieving tension, aiding lymphatic drainage, and promoting skin cell turnover. I love it so much it’s made the cut for this year’s Wellbeing Edit.


Food Is Fuel

Nutrition plays such a big role in how we feel and our energy levels throughout the day and even though time isn’t my friend in the mornings, I’ll always make sure I have breakfast. As your body has been fasting all night, it needs to rehydrate before it can refuel so I’ll start with a large glass of warm water and take the Saffrosun supplement from The Naked Pharmacy. It’s great for improving emotional balance and helping with tiredness and fatigue – hallelujah!

For a quick and easy breakfast that’s both filling and good for me, I’ve been loving the Supernova Living Woman Protein – which you can also find in this year’s Wellbeing Edit. I blend with nut milk, banana and ice and not only does it keep me full until lunchtime, but it’s also good to know I’ve already had a serving of protein. If you’re after some more healthy recipe inspo and all-round great wellbeing advice, give Haile Thomas’ Living Lively book a read. It’s been another favourite of mine lately.


A Moment Of Mindfulness

Waking up and turning straight to your phone to check emails or aimlessly scroll through social media is something I vow not to do. It sends your nervous system in to overdrive seeing potentially stressful emails and let’s be honest, mornings can be manic enough. Committing to tech-free mornings has helped me to be more present and begin the day with a more positive and peaceful state of mind. For the past few months, I’ve tried to be even more mindful, and I have been getting my daughter involved too. We pick a card from the Little Box Of Mindfulness and use it as our intention for the day. If we’re not fighting over an un-ironed school shirt then it’s a lovely way to begin each day. 


Sparking Productivity

My working days are super varied, but on days I’m at home, I’ll usually light our Happiness Candle or drop our Focus The Mind oil blend into my Pod. Both scents are incredible at helping me to feel positive and they really motivate me to get through my never-ending to-do list. Talking of lists, writing things down is one of the best ways to keep my brain clear and to help me feel on top of things. I’ve been using our NEW Wellbeing Toolkit Journal to write down anything work wise and personal to-dos. There’s something quite satisfying about getting things ticked off. Lastly, I must give a shout out to our Energising Hand Balm – it’s a real favourite for bringing a small moment of joy whenever you need it most.