Our Founder's Monthly Must-Haves

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jan 10, 2023

Our Founder's Monthly Must-Haves

I’m often asked what’s hot right now in the world of health, wellness and beauty so here are just a few of the things I’m loving right now…



If you’re looking for some seriously motivational content on your feed, I’d strongly suggest you start following Gabby Bernstein. I feel like I was a little late to the party but she is big on the powers of manifesting and I just love her positive energy and uplifting content. If her Instagram isn’t enough for you, she’s also got several books and a great podcast too which is well worth a listen. 



As you know I’m big on natural skincare and I’m latest obsession has to be Balance Me’s Tri-Molecular Hyaluronic Serum. Not all hyaluronic acid serums are made the same… in fact this one uses multiple weights of hyaluronic acid instead of single molecules (technical stuff I know) to offer even more effective hydration. It’s really saved my usually super dry skin the past few weeks. 



I LOVE a podcast and right now my favourite is The Mel Robbins Podcast - it’s honestly fab. Each episode is really relatable and easy to listen to but you come away feeling like you’ve learnt lots. I love how it’s a mix of personal stories and research-backed evidence. Mel is brilliant! 



Caring for your scalp has been dubbed as one of 2023’s trends by Pinterest and it’s definitely something I’ve been trying to get on board with. I learnt so much about its importance when we launched our haircare range last year and my latest little tool is Biovene’s Scalp Massager. It’s so good it actually made the cut for our NEOM Wellbeing Edit this year. 

Talking of Wellbeing Edit and other things I’m using right now… I just have to mention Larq’s incredible Water Bottles. I’m making a conscious effort to drink more water as it’s got so many benefits. It’s all made a little easier with this self-cleaning and self-purifying bottle which now comes absolutely everywhere with me. 



If you’re giving dry January a go or just trying to cut back a little, I can definitely vouch for these to help you out. Created by plant scientists and bartenders, they are a range of botanical elixirs which are alcohol-free but certainly haven’t compromised on flavour… or feeling for that matter. There are different different flavours all promising a different mood. The Livener takes top spot for me - energising and exotic. I am not doing dry January but if I swap a few of my usual gins for this I’m counting it as a win.


My NEOM Product Of The Month

My skin always craves our Perfect Night’s Sleep Facial Oil at bedtime but particularly in the winter months. It’s super nourishing and packed with vitamins and omegas to help hydrate and restore your skin overnight. I use it as the last step in my skincare routine and right before lights out as the sleepy scent helps me drift off too. 


Something or somewhere you're loving right now? Do get in touch and let me know - @nicolaelliottneom.