Pure natural energy. There's nothing better.

Posted by Nicola Elliott

Pure natural energy. There's nothing better.

When the NEOM team asked me to write something about how I feel energised, I thought if energy equals natural power, when do you feel your most powerful self?

I feel powerful when I get the balance of life right and top up my energy bank (to use a phrase from our fab Psychologist Suzy Reading). Which means… a good night’s sleep, a body full of the right nutrients, in a regular pattern with my exercise (I like to run outdoors when the weather gets better), working enough to stimulate me but not too much I feel frazzled (mmm, sometimes I don’t get that balance quite right!) and my home life happy. It’s a bit of a list, but that’s good. It means I don’t just rely on one thing, but a cocktail of elements to make it up.

Top 3 things I rate which work on top of that are:

1 - Move. The thing is, exercise can really help our body release and create more energy into our cells, and so even though it can feel counter-intuitive, exercise can actually help us feel more energised.

2 - Saying No. My favourite quote I put on Instagram is ‘Listen, I still want to be invited but I am not coming.’ Doing all the things, all of the time zaps our energy.

3 - Calling in the big guns (and probably a wellbeing cliche) BUT it’s a bit of a smoothie. Ok it’s green but it’s easy and not righteous. AND it has heaps of health boosting ingredients and powerful antioxidants to naturally boost your energy – Just place all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Drink straight away. Job done.

½ avocado

4 leaves kale

½ apple

2 slices of cucumber

1 handful spinach

1 cup of coconut water

4-5 fresh mint leaves

Of course, we all have the times you drank too much at the weekend, didn’t sleep, the kids are fighting in clumps and work dumps something unexpected in your lap… I could go on… but just stop, try and make your way back to the ‘good zone’. Cook something healthy, take a bath, wake up early and go for a walk. It’s all about small steps, that make a big difference.

I would love to hear from you. What small steps do you take to feel energised?

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Much love, Nicola x