Want to boost the wellbeing of the nation with us?

Posted by Nicola Elliott

Want to boost the wellbeing of the nation with us?

Who has time to do yoga, gulp down a green juice AND meditate, all before 8am? I know I don’t!

For me, taking five minutes extra in bed with a cup of tea with my kids feels way more beneficial to my wellbeing than heading out to the gym. And sometimes your intentions might be to hit that spin class (and that’s all good too)...BUT then WORK, LIFE, KIDS...get in the way, OR you feel like grabbing that last cocktail instead or heading home. Hey, that’s just real life, right?

Wellbeing for us starts with the little moments, the small steps that make a big difference to your wellbeing. So we’re ripping up the rulebook that says wellbeing HAS to be complicated or take hours and hours and putting NEOM Real Wellbeing in its place. Ditch the guilt.

We are here to help you, and champion how easy real wellbeing can be. My Neom Real Wellbeing moment this week was simply enjoying a glass of Prosecco and hanging out and connecting with my husband and kids in the sunshine. It can be as simple as walking the dog in the fresh air, or relaxing in the bath (G&T optional!).

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I’ll be sharing my real wellbeing moments over there too. Share a tip, ask a question, get inspiration and advice. Help out another.

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Much love,
Nicola x