Stay Motivated When Working From Home

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Stay Motivated When Working From Home

Anyone else STILL working from home? And perhaps will be for the foreseeable?  It’s just one of the things some of us have had to adapt to over the past few months. And sometimes it can feel a breeze, hopping from one call to the next, and making the most of a quiet environment to really concentrate. But factors such as easing into a ‘new NEW normal’, and let’s face it, monotony, can all eat into your productivity.

Firstly, it’s important to say we are NOT about guilt, it’s more than okay to do nothing, and give your brain a break. But when work is calling and we are struggling to focus, these tips and techniques have proven invaluable.

Practise mindfulness

No, we don’t mean suddenly become an expert in meditation, we just mean bring your mind to the room every now and then. If you’ve found yourself staring at the same half-written email for half an hour, or you’ve typed, then deleted, the same thing ten times, you need to break out of your rut. Mindfulness expert Emma Mills calls our Happiness Home Mist a ‘workside wonder’, its woody blend of white neroli and cedarwood offset by uplifting, mind-sharpening lemon. You can also try stepping away from the laptop and doing a few yoga stretches, making sure your focus is really on your body and not on your uncompleted task.

Or perhaps the most simple mindfulness technique there is, simply focus on your breathing for a few minutes. You can count your inhales and exhales if this helps. Take this up a level by adding a few drops of your favourite product to your palms, this can be a hand balm, oil or lotion, cup them over your mouth and nose and inhale for 7 seconds, then exhale for 11.

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Stick to your routine

You wouldn’t expect 100% concentration at work, morning till night. So why do you expect more just because you’re at home? Keep to your work hours, take regular breaks as you would at the office, call a colleague for a 5 minute ‘water cooler’ moment, and switch OFF when you are off. And if you don’t have a dedicated work room in your house, try to do something to mark the transition between work and leisure time: walk around the block pre-9am for example, and when you come in, sit straight down to work. Take a walk at lunchtime to a local café to make sure you take a proper break. Which leads us on to…


Walking is GREAT. It gets ideas flowing, gets the blood pumping, and gets you into the outside world, letting you put your thoughts into perspective. Action for Happiness’ Vanessa King is a big fan of the humble walk, citing its powers to build your everyday resilience. Whatever time of day you can fit a walk in (and you have time, you used to do a commute), building a regular stroll into your schedule will have long-term benefits for your focus and wellbeing.

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 Essential Oils for focus

Finally, set your environment up for success. There are certain ingredients in our Focus the Mind Essential Oil Blend that are brilliant for sharpening the mind and keeping you on track, such as eucalyptus, which not only revives and refreshes, but actually cleans the air, making your environment healthier. Then there’s pine to clear the mind of busy thoughts, and cedarwood to soothe anxiety.

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