Stop. Breathe. We Dive Into the Power of Breath

Posted by PR Neom, Mar 06, 2021

Stop. Breathe. We Dive Into the Power of Breath

Breathing. We do instinctively, constantly, from the moment we’re born. But paying attention to it can be game-changing. It’s our thing to be there for you in the small moments that make a BIG difference and breathing might just be our smallest yet! But we’ve still got you, whatever your wellbeing goals.

Breathe for better sleep

The key to harnessing the power of breath for better sleep, is using it to de-clutter your mind before bed. Rebecca Dennis, author of And Breathe has loads of tips on this topic, but her go-to is the 4-7-8 exercise as a powerful relaxation tool, best done when you’re lying down and ready to nod off, “[Firstly,] exhale through your mouth and make a ‘whooshing’ sound. Close your mouth and inhale in through your nose to a count of four. Hold this breath and count to seven. Then, exhale out through your mouth while making the same ‘whoosh’ sound and count to eight. If you complete this cycle, you have done one breath. Now go back and do this again three more times so that you have completed the cycle for four breaths in total.”

Breathe for focus

We’ve all been there, despite the best of intentions sometimes the mind just...wanders. And bringing it back to the task at hand can be as simple as counting. Yes, counting your inhales and exhales can have an amazingly centering effect. It’s the same principle you might have come across at the beginning of a yoga class - often becoming aware of your breath is the first step to bringing your awareness FROM a million distractions TO the room. 

Breathe for less stress

When we’re born, we naturally breathe deep and long. It’s an instinct we unlearn as we grow up, as things like adrenaline, our fight-or-flight response and yes, STRESS, kick in and make our breathing shallower. Studies have shown the link between deep breathing and a reduction in stress; when we prioritise long, slow breaths we activate the parasympathetic system rather than the sympathetic, or rapid response system. In other words, SLOW your breathing down, even if only for a few minutes a day, and feel the long-term benefits. 

Breathe to boost your workout

If you're a yoga fan or a runner (or someone who does any type of cardio!) you’ll already know how amazing it can feel when breath, body and mind are all working in sync. Vinyasa (the concept of breath and movement being linked) is the foundation for Ashtanga yoga, but the principle is found in other types of movement too, and it’s linked to the struggles our bodies face when we put them through physical challenges. In yoga, aligning the body and breath allows you to flow mindfully, without the extra level of concentration needed to reach for a breath at the top of a pose. Once ‘in for up, out for down’ has clicked, you’re free to move with one less thing on your mind. Move to diaphragm breathing (or belly breathing) in your other cardio and you’re getting deeper breaths into your body and more oxygen with less effort. That means less energy gasping for breath, more energy towards that PB.

A wellbeing moment

Meditation is a powerful tool, and apps like Calm and Peloton have great guided sessions to try, but if you don’t have time, often focusing on our breathing can be your way of checking in. Give yourself a couple of breaths and use that as your time to check in with mind and body. What do YOU need?

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