The Give Back Gel

Posted by Nicola Elliott

The Give Back Gel

You asked. We created. Which is a general rule of thumb when it comes to any new product we develop. All the products we make are always for a real purpose, to make you feel good, and help you in some way, each and every day. Yet, something we have really had our foot to the pedal on, is the new Clean & Happy Hand Sanitiser Gel.

The time has come, where we are all venturing out (a little more than the past 11 weeks), perhaps you’re dropping at school or taking a bus now, so the need for a hand sanitiser is something you need right? Many of you have asked for it, because you’ve been wanting something that not only kills the germs on your hands, but also actually moisturisers and smells good too.

Our handy, no-rinse formula has the all-important 65% alcohol, to kill 99.9% of germs, and has been created with natural ingredients like added glycerine to intensely hydrate and moisturise skin - so hands won’t feel dry after using. The added blend of pure essential oils - the winning combo of wild mint & mandarin help lift your mood, and also makes it smell amazing too. Just clean, soft, hydrated, AND BEAUTIFULLY scented hands here.

So far we have donated 30,000 products to NHS hospitals across the UK (including 7,500 Clean & Happy Hand Sanitisers to the NHS).

For every pack of 3 (50ml) you buy, we give a pack of 3 and for every one (250ml) bottle of Clean & Happy Hand Sanitiser Gel you buy, we will donate one to the NHS - they will be sent to a centralised location and distributed across the UK for us. 


Much Love,
NEOM Founder

Clean & Happy Hand Sanitiser Gel

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