The making of...

Posted by Nicola Elliott

The making of...

What shines brighter than rubies? Is more precious than sapphires? And makes you feel richer than emeralds?

Precious Moments of Wellbeing.

The feeling you get after your perfect night’s sleep, the luxury of de-stressing when all around you is a blur, the brightness of a happy mood and the shimmer and promise of energy to power you through the deep midwinter. This years theme of ‘Precious Moments of Wellbeing’ came from a little chat we were having in the office about what we would all like for Christmas. There were handbags and shoes, and I said… “forget diamonds and handbags all I would like for Christmas is a calm family Christmas, with lots of lovely lie-ins, full of happy times and enough energy to get me through all the parties in the diary”. And that is where the idea was born.

It’s probably the favourite part of my day job - coming up with design concepts, working with designers to bring them to life… and if I do say so myself, they do get more beautiful every year. I loved taking the ideas of how important precious wellbeing is to us all and turning them into reality.

With wonderful gift collections and beautiful fragrances - every single product is about giving you the jewels of wellbeing. From the beautiful, bespoke precious jewel sketch design, to the deep colours of the ruby red, jade green and beautiful glass of precious gem colours - each gift, candle, box and ribbon has been created and designed with love. I can’t wait for the cosy season to begin, to embrace calming fragrances, long baths, the odd party (powered by our Energy Burst perfume obviously…) and lots and lots of happy vibes.

This Christmas give yourself and your loved ones a real treat of natural wellbeing with our expertly blended, 100% natural fragrances.

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