The Mental Health Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing

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The Mental Health Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing

We are proud partners of the Mental Health Foundation, who do brilliant work in building mental health for all through accessible, science-backed research. And as it’s World Wellbeing Week, we’re celebrating what wellbeing means to us, which totally lines up with their values too. It’s why we’re partners, after all. What we mean by values is small steps, BIG difference, and little things you can do every day to build that solid, resilient baseline and set yourself up for fewer mental health problems in the future. Here’s the Mental Health Foundation’s five ways to wellbeing…a starting point the whole family can get involved in. Oh and they WORK. That’s why this programme of Five ways to Wellbeing is being turned into a Peer Education Project, where all proceeds from our fundraising during the week will go towards getting the techniques embedded in schools, through activities like charity drives, yoga sessions, meditation and random acts of kindness.

1. Connect

Connecting with others is one of those little things we can just forget to do throughout the day, especially if you’ve had a million Zoom calls or been in and out of shops. That’s not  MEANINGFUL connection, the kind where you show kindness, offload problems or lend a willing ear. You can do this however you please, through coffee with a friend or neighbour, phoning someone you love, or even just having a chat on social media if that’s your jam - the key is to make it work for you. Showing kindness gives you both a rosy glow of feel good, and if you do need to offload some problems, you’ll feel SO much better afterwards.

2. Get Active

A full workout with weights, or a 10k run? Brilliant if you can, but even the smallest walk, jog, trot with the dog, gardening session or climb up a tree (possibly one for the kids) can have a BIG effect on your mental wellbeing. Exercise in itself gives you those endorphins (happy hormones), not to mention blowing away the mental cobwebs to help settle anxious thoughts, and just get some perspective. Energy breeds energy too, so regular movement should see your overall energy levels go UP. The sense of achievement you get from setting a small, realistic goal and achieving it is also one great big dollop of self esteem, get on those running shoes.

To give you a boost out the door, try a few drops of Feel Refreshed Essential Oil Blend in your Wellbeing Pod or on your workout mat. 

3. Be Mindful

Mindfulness - what does it even mean, right? To us, it’s anything that connects your mind and body, bringing your awareness away from your wandering thoughts and into how your physical self is feeling. Being mindful can be as simple as concentrating on what you’re eating, as you’re eating it (no TVs, no scrolling). It can also be as simple as taking a few moments to see what your breath is doing. Is it shallow? Slow it down, and make the exhale longer than the inhale. Soon these techniques become habit and you’ll feel a calmness overall. 

If you have more time, yoga is a great exercise in mindfulness, as it requires your body, mind and breath to work together. And if you can tack on ten minutes of meditation? We’re all for it.

4. Keep Learning

An active, curious mind is a much happier one than a sluggish, bored one. That’s because having a sense of purpose REALLY boosts self esteem and happiness, so the learning really shouldn’t end at school. Taking up a hobby with no pressure like knitting, playing an instrument or learning a language is perfect, and even better if you have a group of like-minded friends who can all join in together.

5. Give to Others

Turns out kindness and a giving spirit really is a two-way street, as helping out or giving (your money or your time) to those in need boosts your emotional wellbeing and reduces your stress levels. Giving or helping others releases those endorphins just like exercise, and boosts your oxytocin, the one that helps you feel peaceful. In need of inspiration? The Mental Health Foundation has a list of random acts of kindness you can choose from. Pick some and spread the joy.

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