The Neom Big Sleep is here Yay!

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Sep 08, 2017

The Neom Big Sleep is here Yay!

Sleep, it’s pretty important right? Um, hell yeah. But we’re getting less of it than ever. Which is why this month we’re running the #NeomBigSleep It’s a month long challenge (we say challenge but it’s actually the opposite) to get more shut-eye, leading up to our #NeomBigSleep night on September 28th. Join us in a bid to get better zeds…

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my sleep, but sometimes life just gets in the way. A good night’s sleep makes me happier, calmer and more energised – basically on my multi-tasking A-game. Not enough sleep and… let’s just say it’s not very pretty. It can start to feel like the S-word is something out of reach, a luxury commodity for special occasions, or another thing to add to life’s To Do list. It’s enough to make you want to go and lie down in a darkened room somewhere…

We’re all adults here so we’re not going to do stuff like start telling you to go to bed earlier. It’s about finding the little things that work for you. I like to read in bed every night, even if it’s just a chapter. This works because:

a) it makes me physically put down my phone. 
b) it provides that perfect escapism to switch off from the day.

In an ideal world, it would be nice to do an hour’s meditation before hitting the sack. But let’s be honest, most of us haven’t got time for that. There’s box-sets to be watched for a start. For instant relaxation. I turn to the tub first… a few drops of the Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath & Shower Drops into running water and I’m already on the path to sleep. Super-powerful oils hit you in an instant.

Finish with a super-quick spritz of our Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist. Eight hours later, cue a well-rested, ‘can do’ Nicola rather than the version who…. well as I said, it’s not pretty. A good night’s sleep really is a game changer. Which is why I am so excited to announce our first ever #NeomBigSleep Read on to see how you can get involved….

Mission #NeomBigSleep

Running over the month of September, the #NeomBigSleep is open to anyone who wants to get more serious about their slumber. You, your friends, family, work colleagues, even the dog might want to get involved. We’ll be giving you inspirational ideas and practical advice on how to improve your sleep. We’ll have exclusive tips from the NEOM Wellbeing Board, plus great posts on the perfect snooze-friendly products. We’ll be talking about it everywhere leading up to our ‘Big Sleep Night’ on September 28th (more on how to get involved with that later).

Why not pop into one of our stores (Leeds, Kings Road & Wimbledon) and take a complimentary Sleep School with one of our Neomologists (they’ve been specially trained by our Sleep expert Anandi) - bring two friends and we’ll give YOU a gift too!

During the month we’d love to know how you’re getting on, so share your photos and sleepy snippets and tag #BigNeomSleep. Our sleep guru Anandi also is here all month to answer all your sleep questions (there’s a live twitter takeover on the 26th, so pop in your diary) – you can read more of her great advice in her new book too.

We’ve got a new saying here at NEOM: if you snooze you don’t lose. Sign up to the #NeomBigSleep and wake up to a better version of you. We’re very happy to have you on the sleepy ride with us. Just remember to turn the light out… Come visit us in store too for exclusive complimentary sleep schools, events and more!