The results are in

Posted by PR Neom, Mar 02, 2020

The results are in

We all need great sleep, right? In fact, we have a bit of a mantra here at NEOM that nothing affects how you look and feel as much as sleep, or lack of it. But hang on, you’re thinking ‘I am NOT into lavender’ (THE essential oil hyped as the SLEEPY one)! Well, you’re not alone, from our customer feedback 30% of you said as much.

But hey, with nearly 8 out of 10 worrying about the lack of sleep, NEOM are dedicated to helping YOU sleep better – lavender lover or not, everyone deserves a great night’s sleep! So have we got the newcomer for you! Say hello to Bedtime Hero.

The newbie which we have blended just for YOU anti-lavender lot, with chamomile, ylang ylang and cedarwood - no floral tones here guys. Just sweet, fruity freshness that helps you with those zzz’s too, because let’s face it when it comes to who you let into your bed, well, it gets personal.

Personal indeed, so we did a poll at NEOM HQ (aka a quick quiz around the office) to find out who we’re all letting into our beds tonight. It was a pretty close call. 58 percent are getting up close and personal with the newbie Bedtime Hero and 42 percent said, ‘nah I’m sticking with my fave!’. We had a bit of fun writing our reasons...

“I am sticking with what I know. The original, dependable one that’s been with me since day one. I am not switching now, not even for a hot newcomer. Soz Bedtime Hero, nothing personal (well it is really).” Chloe, PR Manager

Bedtime Hero is my THING. I just prefer fruitiness between the sheets.” Megan, Campaign Planner

“I just don’t like lavender (do you want me to say more?). Thank you, thank you Bedtime Hero for your fresh feels that have had me relaxing each night.” Frankie, Artworker

Perfect Night’s Sleep just works for me. I like them both really, but I find that floral scents of lavender are the ones that work for me at bedtime. I am a creature of habit.” Lilly, Sales Executive

“I picked Bedtime Hero. I DON’T like lavender. Lavender for me is marmite (you either love it or you hate it) but hey, I still want a great night’s sleep, so Bedtime Hero to the rescue.” Natalie, Customer Marketing Manager

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