The things you didn't know took us YEARS to develop

Posted by Nicola Elliott

The things you didn't know took us YEARS to develop

Look no further than the Wellbeing Pod

The one that stole the show and continues to get you all ooh-ing and ahh-ing AND saying things like.. “I’m just obsessed”. Did you know it's a bespoke design by our founder Nicola? Hand drawn with gravure ceramic texture and hand craft finish. It took over a year for our team to develop, as Nicola was so passionate about making sure every detail was just right. It had to not only be super effective and powerful, and kick out those all important natural essential oil blends, it also had to have ALL THE AMAZING DESIGN details so it would fit into any home and look incredible too - our Product Development girls still dream about getting the perfect shade of rose gold today (check out Andrea from our product in our IGTV in our office tour - it’s about 5 minutes in).

Next, is our Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath Foam

Two years in the making we are particularly proud of this bottle of goodness - it’s a bit of an unsung hero. It’s actually really hard to create a bath foam (with naturals) that actually, well, foams and not forgetting being free from SLS too (cue even trickier). SLS (which is added to so many products) gives the bubbles but boy it can be pretty drying and not to mention irritating to the skin too. Oh and then start adding in a serious complex blend of 19 essential oils to this recipe (because what really is a bath foam with some serious oils to help you truly relax and unwind?) and you come under a whole load of other problems - too runny, to thick, no bubbles. But hey we got there in the end. Result? softening marshmallow and coconut oil. Soothing aloe and sweet almond oil. And utter relaxing with our essential oils blend too.

Energy Burst Eau De Parfum

Another little natural challenge that also delivers your a shot of wellbeing. It’s a 100% natural perfume. We still can’t quite believe it. Took us a pretty long time to make (and psst we’ve been working hard since to create others that will join its gang!). We’re not taking ‘naturally derived’ either. It’s 100% natural ingredients with only our style of pure essential oils like grapefruit, lemon and rosemary. With 600 energy boosting spritzes in one bottle - why not nail your day the natural way?