The Wellbeing Pod Mini: What You’re Saying

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 01, 2021

The Wellbeing Pod Mini: What You’re Saying

It’s been a few weeks since we shared our Wellbeing Pod Mini with you, and the world, and we are so proud to see everyone loving it as much as we do. It’s the perfect small diffuser to scent your little spaces, and we LOVE hearing all the ways you’ve been using it alongside your Wellbeing Pods to create a real home scent family. It’s been love at first fragrance, and here’s why… 

It’s scenting those hard to reach places

“A smaller version of my favourite product, but I love it just as much. I take it in my car which I love and then put it in my toilet room when we have guests which makes it smell heavenly!” - Athena S

“The Mini diffuser is beautiful to look at and works really well in a smaller area. The bigger oil diffuser provides a beautiful scent in the room, this is more concentrated in smaller areas. It’s perfect for my car and the office.” - Brenda R

Whereas the Wellbeing Pod makes a statement in your living room, in design and in powerful scent, the Mini is your portable addition to give quick bursts of wellbeing fragrance, anywhere else you need it.

It’s easy to use

“I absolutely love this mini diffuser, in fact I almost prefer it to my Wellbeing Pod! Easy to use and I love the fact you put the bottle directly into the diffuser. I can absolutely see myself buying more.” - Julia T

Putting the Essential Oil Blend straight into the Wellbeing Pod Mini with NO CLEANING in between is a game changer for wellbeing wherever you need it. It’s easier than every to switch up the vibe you need - more energy for a work meeting? Choose something energising. Having half an hour with a book? Go for de-stressing

It’s your companion all day

“I love my Wellbeing Pod and use it every day so was delighted with the new Wellbeing Pod Mini - so handy to put next to me wherever I am for a burst of positivity, calmness etc as needed, especially welcome in these times! I like the fact that I can adjust the timing and intensity of the fragrance. Well done Neom!” - Joan M

The Wellbeing Pod Mini is designed to act as the little sister to the Wellbeing Pod, and the USB charger (giving 50 hours of use!) lets you charge and go, moving it around your smaller spaces while your Wellbeing Pod scents your larger rooms.

It’s a great gift

“I just think this pod with a Neom Essential Oil is the perfect gift for a special birthday. Something really special.” - Dawn A

The perfect way to send some feel good, and show them you care. Especially if you know someone who has a long commute by car, or is just simply looking forward to welcoming people back into their home, after a long time with no guests allowed!

It packs a punch

“I’ve only had my Neom Mini Pod for two days but already it’s love. A really fabulous diffuser, no plugging in, no water, just a beautiful oil and off you go. I did spend an hour trying to work out how to turn it on, you have to hold your finger on the power icon for a second but wow for such a small product it really delivers.” - Gaynor

HEY THERE - if you’re having trouble using your Mini for the first time too, head over to our FAQs page for handy tips to get you started and LOVING IT in no time.

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