We got sleepy with Jessica Mason, CEO & Founder of Piglet

Posted by PR Neom, Mar 12, 2020

We got sleepy with Jessica Mason, CEO & Founder of Piglet

“Lovely bedding, a great book and a restful scent are the top priorities for me.” Says Jessica Mason, founder and CEO of Piglet, the bedding and sleepwear brand we’re loving right now. Because she’s waking up at 4.30am in Chicago to work with her team in the UK, we asked Jessica to give us tips on getting a dreamy bedroom and dreamy night’s sleep.

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I am a firm believer that surrounding yourself with natural materials like linen has a very comforting effect. Calm and soothing colours, relaxing scents as well as soft lighting and candle light also have a big impact on my state of mind.

I try to keep the bedroom as empty as possible to try and avoid distractions that will wire up my mind when I am trying to relax. For instance if I catch a glimpse of my laptop I can’t help but think about work or if I see a pile of laundry my mind immediately goes to the chores I have been neglecting. Lovely bedding, a great book and a restful scent are the top priorities for me.


I usually get into my pyjamas as soon as I am finished with work to get myself into a relaxing state of mind. My current favourites are our Blueberry Linen Trouser Set and Oatmeal Robe. I am on the hunt for really great slippers if anyone has any recommendations! A friend recently gave me NEOM’s Tranquillity candle which I find very relaxing. At the moment however, I am waking up super early in Chicago to keep up with our UK team so getting to sleep is no trouble at all and I am actually working on staying up a bit later.

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There is nothing I love more than a quiet night in comfy pjs with a great book. We have recently launched our Under The Covers book club in partnership with Bloomsbury Publishing which has made it much easier to find great books to read. Since moving to Chicago, ordering deep dish pizza has also become a rather too frequent part of my nights in!


I founded the business in 2017 and since then no two days have been the same! I am currently spending most of my time in Chicago where we have recently set up our second fulfilment centre.

As the business is ever changing and growing a lot of my time is spent on hiring, developing new products, finding new sales channels and supporting the rest of our wonderful team. It is very satisfying, creatively, to be able to take the lead on developing new campaigns, products and content. 

Running the business definitely makes it hard to switch off sometimes. I have found that time away from the city is a huge help and have been renting little cabins every now and then in Wisconsin to get some fresh air, go for a hike and get some great sleep. This is so much more possible now that the team is bigger and they can manage perfectly well without me for a couple of days.

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