Welcome to summer camp - the new fitness trends sweeping the nation

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Aug 14, 2019

Welcome to summer camp - the new fitness trends sweeping the nation

Since the advent of Jane Fonda's 80s aerobic classes, we've become a society that loves to get their teeth into a fitness fad.

Power Plates, Hula hooping, Step, Aqua Aerobics...they still exist but they might not be the first class you click on when you turn up at the gym. These days, classes incorporate everything from fusion yoga to full-on boxing - some are even designed to target specific muscles. Ready to mix up your routine? Then check out the below - they might not appear on your local timetable anytime soon but there's always those suggestion boxes that need some love. 


Billed as the toughest session in London if you like to push yourself to the limits, this combines cardio via sprints, intervals and distance training with strength exercises like push-ups, heavy sled pushes, d-ball throws. If that wasn't grisly enough, it's held in a disused car park. If macho is your middle name, this is the one for you. If it's Judith, maybe stay on the reserves bench.

BATTLEBOX, David Lloyd gyms nationwide

Another outdoor workout (a trend in itself). Battlebox is actually a collective of four classes to choose from. Athletic that boosts cardio fitness, Warrior which focuses on lifting, carrying, crawling and climbing, Strong which is similar to a Cross-Fit class (more heavy lifting) and Play which is for adults and children to partake in. 45 minute sessions, their aim is to prove that exercise is for everyone.


While this class was actually created by a lady called Lotte Berk 60 years ago, it's back in business and has finally arrived in London. Yes it has plié's and set positions but rather than traditional ballet soundtracks, you get your groove on to everything from house music to Balearic pop. Featuring plenty of isometric holds and mobilisation moves, your muscles will be on fire by the time you're done. 


Why choose between boxing and kickboxing when you can do both? Testing your power, endurance, agility and stamina, you'll get to release any rage via jabs, hooks, push kicks and roundhouse kicks alongside some skilled weight lifting moves to ensure you always pack a punch. Any and every level is welcome, but woe betide anyone who messes with you on a bad day.


Fresh from NYC and California, Aussie-born Simone De La Rue crafted this workout for her celeb clients like Reese Witherspoon and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It landed in the UK earlier this year and the rave reviews haven't stopped. A combination of dance routines, interval training and toning exercises that can be tailored to everyone, including those who are pregnant. It works with whatever level you're at. There's even an app you can download so you can indulge in her exercise sessions wherever you are in the world. 


Yoga doesn't need messing with, but if you like to add a twist to you asana's or fancy incorporating some props into your poses, the Yoga Wheel is currently having a renaissance. Allowing you to open up your chest and hip flexors and align your spine. The idea is to help you add depth to your inversions with ease and grace. Like an upgrade bolster for your practice.