Which Essential Oils Should I Choose to De-Stress?

Posted by PR Neom

Which Essential Oils Should I Choose to De-Stress?

It’s Stress Awareness Month so we’re focusing on our de-stressing toolkits, and the essential oils that can ACTUALLY help. But just like stress itself which can take loads of different forms, there are a huge number of essential oils out there and it can be hard to know where to start. All our Essential Oil Blends are expertly balanced to deliver effective results, but here’s how to navigate that list of ingredients and find the oils that are going to work for YOU.

When you need to recover from stress, look for ylang ylang

Sometimes a bout of stress can leave us feeling drained and a bit bruised, which calls for something relaxing and transportive, that just helps bring us back to life a bit. Enter ylang ylang, the cheerful flower that’s artfully picked to give the best possible oil. And when we say artful we mean super precise - the flowers grown in Madagascar are picked before 9am on the day their yellow colour starts turning red, and then they’re slow distilled that same day. The effort is worth it though as it’s been shown in studies to lower the heart rate and have a real effect on stressed out systems. 

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When you need to calm the butterflies, look for Bergamot

This floral, woody and sweet citrus-smelling oil is cold expressed in Calabria, Italy to give the purest possible oil. Around 100 bergamots are used to make just 85g of oil, so it’s super important to us that we work with sustainable farmers who are committed to a zero waste crop that’s totally sustainable. Its dreamy scent is popular in perfumes as it blends so well with other notes, but we love it for its citrussy edge, which fortifies you as well as being uplifting. We sometimes call it ‘liquid luck’ because it’s perfect for helping your confidence and calm click into place. Stressed about entertaining, a big presentation or feeling the pressure of a task big or small? Reach for bergamot to feel cool, collected and ready to go. 

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When you need to feel soothed and centered, look for lavender

YES it’s super hyped but for good reason. Lavender is an age-old favourite and has been tested out time and again in studies that show its anxiety-reducing qualities, which is why it’s a hero in so many home and body products. But where it really comes into its own is in soothing and calming, so it’s the perfect ingredient when you need to feel wrapped up and protected from stress. We source ours from Provence in France, where it’s grown by farmers who certify it for fair trade and sustainability, prompting biodiversity and sharing resources like water to make sure nothing is wasted. 

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 When you need that post-spa feeling, look for rose

Rose is deeply, intensely relaxing and is the one we love for transporting you to the most calming place. It’s that glow you get when you’ve had a spa visit, and you just feel restored. Not only does the Moroccan blush variety smell luxurious (and just a little exotic) but rose has been shown to lower blood pressure and slow breathing, having an instant effect on your calm.

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When you need to feel treated, look for Neroli

This steam-distilled essential oil has intense, deep relaxation in its DNA. The pretty white flower grows with orange blossoms in various parts of the world, but we get ours from Tunisia. The name comes from an Italian princess who used to use the fragrant flowers in her baths - how’s that for a seal of approval? Because of its rich, floral aroma, neroli blends well with lots of scents, but it’s at its soothing best when it’s mixed with other calming oils and frankincense. 

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