Why Giving A Gift Can Be The Ultimate Mood Boost

Posted by Samantha Nice, Nov 30, 2021

Why Giving A Gift Can Be The Ultimate Mood Boost

There’s something quite special about wrapping a gift you know will bring them joy right? In fact, it’s been proven by science that seeing someone else happy innately makes us feel good too. Here we speak to Vanessa King, author of 10 Keys To Happier Living about why exactly this is…

“It may be surprising but helping, being kind and giving to others doesn’t just benefit the receiver, but the giver too,” explains Vanessa. “This is because it can activate the feel-good reward centre in our brain,” she adds. “We also know from scientific research that if we’re happier, we’re more likely to help others so it’s a ‘virtuous circle’. Giving can help increase our happiness which means we’re happier and more likely to help others. I believe it’s evolved as a form of ‘social glue,” says Vanessa. “Humans are social creatures who like to live in social groups and have a need to feel connected for both psychological and physical wellbeing. If we help each other out and are kind to one another, we make our community and society a nicer and safer place,” she adds. “Helping others can also bring more meaning to our lives and take our mind of our own worries even just for a moment.”

Whilst we’re all for giving thoughtful gifts for those ‘just-because’ moments throughout the year, Christmas brings the ideal opportunity to send a gift and boost your own mood whilst doing it. Each and every one of our gifts is guaranteed to be well-received since they not only smell great thanks to our 100% natural fragrances, but they are also a joy to use and will even boost their wellbeing thanks to the therapeutic powers of essential oils. We’ve even taken things a step further this year and partnered with the Mental Health Foundation to include a Wellbeing Toolkit with every gift. Featuring 12 practical steps we can all easily follow, it’s there for you to gift and share so we can make 2022 the year of better wellbeing.

Here are three gifts which will boost their mood as much as yours for gifting it…

1. For Igniting Festive Joy

Perfect Peace Scented Candle

We may be biased but there’s nothing quite like lighting a candle and letting it almost instantly change your mood. This festive favourite is a consistent bestseller of ours year after year as it works wonders for filling your home with the bright, fresh and seasonal scents of pine, myrrh and lime.

2. For Moments Of Pleasure

The Gift Of Happiness

This uplifting duo was created with mood-boosting in mind so you can expect just that. Featuring our much-loved Great Day Magnesium Body Butter and Hand and Body Wash, they are not only packed with skin-loving ingredients but they also smell great and will give your wellbeing a boost too thanks to the pure essential oils.

3. For Sparking Happy Vibes

The Wellbeing Pod Luxe

Undeniably the gift on everyone’s wish list this Christmas is our latest launch – the Pod Luxe. Renowned for scenting your home with our all-natural Essential Oil Blends, our Happiness scent does exactly what it says by evoking feelings of positivity.